Hyde Bath Tennis vs Hyde Woodstock Tennis

Hyde School Bath                             4

Hyde School Woodstock               2

                Hyde school Bath traveled to Woodstock Connecticut on Saturday to compete against our sister school.  The match was played indoors due to poor weather.  All matches were 8 game pro-sets.   

First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                 8                    

                Zack Sude            6

Second Singles(win)

               Peter Higgins                     8             

                Laura Cornelius                 3

Third Singles(win)

                Sage Harris                         8

                Sarah DeNunzio                0

1st Doubles(loss)

                Jacob Leighton, Donovan Ruiz                    6

                Sam Zhao, Christopher Wells                     8

2nd Doubles(Loss)

                Brian Liu, Ethan Blatt                       5

                Alex Huston, Chad Bryant            8

3nd Doubles(win)

                Tyrone Freston, Kayla Sheldon                  8

                Kun-Il Kim, Adam Ben-Hanania                 4


                Jon Lee started his match down 2 games to 5.  His opponent had a very strong serve and wicked slice backhand.  Jon steadily adjusted to his style and came from behind and won 6 of the next 7 games to win the match.  Peter Higgins also had a slow start, he was able to come back and win 8 straight games after losing the first 3 games.  Sage Harris dominated her opponent, beating her in 8 straight games.  Jacob Leighton and Donovan Ruiz did a nice job winning many games in their match, leading for most of it,  but let it slip away at the end.  Brian Liu and Ethan Blatt also had a good match.  They started the down 1 game to 4 and were able to chisel away at their opponents, winning 4 additional games before the set ended.  Kayla Sheldon and Tyrone Freston played last and were in a pressure situation because Hyde Bath needed them to win in order to avoid a 3-3 tie.  They came through in the clutch and won their match 8-4.  A well played match by both schools.