Bath: Tennis

Hyde School                       3

Kents Hill School               2

                Kents Hill School traveled to Bath to play against the Phoenix in the Joseph w. Gauld athletic center yesterday .

First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                 6              6                     

                Dylan Rich           2              4

Second Singles(win)

               Sage Harris                          6              6             

                Halsey Vandenberg        3              3

Third Singles(win)

                Donovan Ruiz    6              6

                Aaron Yang         2              2

1st Doubles(loss)

                Jacob Leighton, Brian Liu               1              2    

                Sam Hall, Brendan Keating          6              6

2nd Doubles(Loss)

                Ethan Blatt, Zach Leighninger      2              1

                Youjia Tian, Robert Paton            6              6


                Jon Lee enjoyed a home court advantage against his opponent and got up early in the first set.  His opponent made some adjustments for the second, but Jon countered by coming to net more frequently and  varying his service style and pace.  Sage Harris did a nice job of maintaining control of her match from the start.  She mostly focused on keeping the ball in play, allowing her opponent to make unforced errors.  This allowed her to be judicious with her precisely hit  winners.  Donovan Ruiz did a great job of moving up to a singles position to fill-in for an absent teammate.  His strong serve and consistent play was no match for his opponent, beating him in straight sets.