Bath:Varsity Tennis vs. Bridgton Academy

Hyde School                       5

Bridgton Academy           0

                Bridgton Academy traveled to Bath to play against the Phoenix in the Joseph w. Gauld athletic center yesterday .

First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                                            Note: Match won by forfeit due to illness

                Nishon Rasmakichul        1

Second Singles(win)

                Peter Higgins                    6              6

                Brendan Fitzpatrick         0              2

Third Singles(win)

                Sage Harris         6              6             

                Matt Buckley     4              0

1st Doubles(win)

                Jun ho Ra, Donovan Ruiz              6              6     

                Nick Giglio, DJ Cauicchi                   1              3

2nd Doubles(win)

                Brian Liu, Jacob Leighton              6              6

                Jon Delpadre, Erik Burke               1              1


                Jon Lee lost the first game of his match but quickly recovered and won the next two games.  It was unfortunate that his opponent was too ill to finish the match because it looked like it was going to be competitive. Peter Higgins out played his opponent from the start, blanking him in the first set.  His strong serve and his powerful forehand shots allowed him to set the pace of play and win the match quickly in the second set.  Sage Harris played with determination and intensity.  In the first set her opponent was quick on his feet and able to get to the ball across the net to stay in points to win some games.  However, in the second set, Sage was more deliberate with her shot placement and took the set 6-0.  At first doubles; the Bridgton players had difficulty handling Donovan Ruiz’s fast paced serve.   Jun ho Ra’s slice forehand and excellent play at net also  helped contribute to their win. At Second doubles;  Brian Liu and Jacob Leighton had many long rallies with their opponents but their consistency and determination helped them to easily handle their opponents.