Hyde Bath Varsity Tennis vs. Berwick Academy

Hyde School                       2

Berwick Academy            3

                Hyde Varsity Tennis traveled to South Berwick Maine to for a match against Berwick Academy yesterday.  The games were played outdoors.  The weather was partly sunny, cool with light northwest winds.

First Singles (win)

                Jon Lee                 2              6              7

                Bill Leach              6              4              5

Second Singles(loss)

                Peter Higgins     2              0

                Chase Rosa         6              6

Third Singles(win)

                Sage Harris         6              6             

                Ben Siegel           0              3

1st Doubles(loss)

                Jun ho Ra, Donovan Ruiz               2              4

                Tristan Dardini, Alden Zeff          6              6

2nd Doubles(loss)

                Brian Lou, Jacob Leighton             2              2

                Brain Rawn, Keith Hope               6              6


                Sage Harris dominated her opponent beating him easily for the second straight  year.  She played with poise and confidence throughout the match.  Jon Lee struggled to find his groove during the first set.  However, after making some adjustments to his game, he won the second set and carried momentum into the third.  The third set was nip and tuck with Jon being down 4 games to 5 when he broke his opponent’s serve to make it 5 games all.  He quickly won the next 2 game to win the match.