“A Nation of Wimps” Author Hara Marano to Speak at Both Hyde Schools

Hara Marano, author of "A Nation of Wimps: the High Cost of Invasive Parenting"

Bath, ME & Woodstock, CT—over family weekend, Hyde School will host guest speaker Hara Marano, author of A Nation of Wimps, at 7 P.M. in the Cultural Center during the school’s family weekend.

Marano is a well-known writer, journalist, and editor in the area of behavioral psychology. She has written two previous books, including her work “Why Doesn’t Anybody Like Me?”: A Guide to Raising Socially Confident Kids.

Her book, A Nation of Wimps: The High Cost of Invasive Parenting, speaks to the issues and trends prevalent in today’s parenting. Marano states that “the best evidence suggests that parental invasiveness and overinvolvement are crippling children psychologically.” A Nation of Wimps explores this concept, showing why it is dangerous and what needs to happen to solve this problem.

In her talk, Marano will discuss many of the issues that she brings up in her book, including the courage needed to be a parent, the curse of high expectations, and the importance of making mistakes for kids.