Kirstie Truluck

Kirstie Truluck
Kirstie Truluck

Campus: Bath, ME

College Experience

  • B.A. University of Maine
  • M.S.Ed. University of Southern Maine

Work Experience

  • Hyde School since 1994
  • Outdoor educator
  • Schooner deckhand
  • Substitute teacher
  • Nation explorer for two years after graduating from college in May 1992

I Teach: ESL, Performing Arts, Professional Development for Educators

I Coach: I volunteer outside our gates and coach for the local youth soccer leagues.

I Teach Integrity: In the hallways, on the stage, and in the classroom, I ask students to discover their authentic voice. As a teacher of writing, I show them how word choice, especially verbs, can impact the integrity of a message. I especially like to point out that the use of passive voice can work to shield the “doer” from responsibility.

Born In: Chatham, MA

Hobbies: Dancing, reading, blogging at

Proudest Moment: Being the first woman in my family to graduate college.

Why Hyde: I wanted to teach in a boarding school where I might shape leaders who would change the future. I had intended to spend two years and head off to graduate school. However, I discovered my early years as a Hyde teacher were the best graduate school-like experience a new teacher could have. I was learning about the hearts and souls of KIDS! Ten years later I entered graduate school, and I found my Hyde ‘education’ gave me a strong foundation upon which to set the educational theory and practice offered by my professors.

Life Goal: Become a master teacher.