Hyde Weekly – 2/12 – 2/19


Parent Academy

This winter, several Hyde parents have joined the community as part of Parent Academy to present experiential workshops that share their careers, interests and life experiences.  These presentations energize our community and students gain valuable insights and knowledge to bring to their daily lives and goals for the future.  Debbie Ginsberg, mother of Amy ’13, held a “Fitness & Toning Class” for nineteen students.  Debbie writes, “We warmed up and got our hearts pumping, stretched and flexed on the mats and then danced out the letters L-O-V-E plus Xs and Os, this being Valentine’s Day.  We talked about the value of exercising for everyone and laughed as we burnt calories.  I think I had more fun than the students!”

A second workshop was presented by Grace Edwards, mother of Brian ’14.  Students were given a wealth of information (an MBA in two hours) on how to start your own business from scratch.   Some students were observed as taking more copious notes in that workshop than they have done in their regular academic classes.  Grace Edwards writes, “Parent Academy gave me the opportunity to interact with students and share my knowledge and personal experiences in the business world.  I hope they were able to leave the workshop with some information that might leave them curious about a future in business.”

We are very grateful for the time and energy all of our parent volunteers have given.  Parent Academy will be held again in December next school year.

Seniors Present “This I Believe” Essays

This past Monday, Hyde-Bath seniors read their “This I Believe” essays during English class under the chandelier.  The pieces are based on the essay form made popular by the NPR Series, and they offer insight into what beliefs the seniors are developing from their own unique experiences.

Essays read offered many insights with more than a few of the seniors stating their belief that no experience is without purpose and that every event happens for a reason.  Others believe in non-concrete concepts such as happiness and compassion.  On the more concrete side, we heard beliefs which varied from philosophies grounded in bicycles to the value of dictatorship.  As the senior English students prepared their essays, they studied models available on the “This I Believe” web site, honed their skills in peer revision, and then took the “stage” under the Mansion chandelier to present their written work to a wider audience.  Every semester the seniors present their work, and themselves, in this same forum in preparation for graduation and for life.

Biology in Boston

Members of the biology and advanced biology classes boarded a bus early this morning for a trip to the Museum of Science in Boston.  The trip is part of the evolution module in the curriculum of the two courses.  The students will be engaged in hands-on exhibits, multi-media presentations, and informal research that will be incorporated into their final assignments of the term.  Included in their visit will be a special presentation called “Race:  Are We So Different” which examines race from both an evolutionary perspective and a cultural perspective.  It is a film about Australia that looks at how organisms adapt and evolve in order to survive in a harsh and unusual climate. The students will also visit the Human Body Connection to explore the evolution and adaptations humans have undergone over the millenniums.

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Dinner at Six!

This Monday, the Hyde faculty provided a rarely found opportunity to its students: the chance to go on a date without even leaving campus. The Wolf Den was transformed into the high-class restaurant Chez Loup, serving a four-course meal including appetizer, soup or salad, main course, and dessert.  Faculty cooked, set and cleared the tables, shuttled plates from an upstairs apartment, waitressed, and set flowers at the tables for a romantic evening. The couples showed their appreciation with a round of applause for the chef. To quote one satisfied diner, “We should do this every few weeks. Maybe some of the students could cook!” The Valentine’s Day menu included Dal Tarka, Sweet Potato Gnocchi and Apricot Ginger Pork. Much thanks goes to faculty member Colin Fredericks, the mastermind behind the evening!

Leadership Luncheon

The Hyde Leadership Society sat down to lunch with three Hyde parents to hear their leadership story and learn about their personal leadership philosophy. It was amazing how connected each speech was aligned to the Hyde mission. Senior parents Hunt Eldridge and Peter DeNunzio shared their experience in the advertising world and non-profit institutions. HAPA parent Eric Karp spoke of his experience leading his synagogue and managing a law firm. Some of their leadership wisdom included:

  • Be ready for anything!
  • No one is required to follow you, therefore you need to stand for something that motivates and inspires others.
  • If you want to be a successful leader, empower others around you to become successful.
  • Passion for what you are doing plus hard work and rigor will move mountains.
  • Leadership is all about integrity – never lie or sugar coat something, but remember you will also need to inspire your team with a roadmap to success.
  • Humility – you need enough ego to want to do a great job, but also need to understand your limitations.
  • Believe in the unique potential of your organization and your people.
  • It’s not just talking; it’s also absorbing, growing and learning.

As Hunt Eldridge said, “I started with a desk, a phone and a goal.” It was a captivating conversation. The students expressed their inspiration and admiration to the speakers. Blake Smaldone said, “This discussion gets me really excited to work on my leadership, both here at school and in my future.”

Girl Power

The Hyde-Woodstock Girls Varsity Basketball came out on top against Williams 47-72.  The ladies made the trip to New London and the campus of Connecticut College to face Williams in a league game.  For the first time in weeks, the team was almost at full strength.  In the first half of the game Williams was playing well and shooting lights out.  Hyde, on the other hand, struggled to contain Williams defensively and the only player who was scoring was Andrea Crute ’12.  The team went into halftime thirteen points down.  During halftime the Wolf Pack decided on the strategy of taking the ball to the hoop in order to force the other team to foul.  This strategy had worked earlier in the week against Wheeler.  Gradually the team closed the gap behind the scoring of Lara Cornelius ’11 and Andrea Crute ’12 each respectably scored twelve and thirteen points in the second half.  Rebounding was also a key in getting second chance points offensively and preventing Williams from getting second chance points.  Becca Katz ’12 hit four critical free-throws to put Woodstock ahead.  With the clock winding down and Hyde up by three, Bryn Nolan ’12 stole an inbounds pass and made a basket to put the Wolf Pack up by five and the game out of Williams’ reach.  It was a great team effort and bodes well for next year with a lot of the team returning.  The scoring was as follows; Katie Smith ’12 (0-1-1), Katherine Hagood ’13 (1-0-2), Becca Katz ’12 (0-4-4), Bryn Nolan ’12 (3-0-6), Lara Cornelius ’11 (4-4-12), and Andrea Crute ’12 (7-6-22).

History Debate

The Honors 20th Century History class has been exploring the morality and practical reasons surrounding the decision to drop the Atomic Bomb to end WWII against Japan.  Divided into three groups, they were given President Truman’s options which brought into play many issues. Students presented their options through Power Point presentations and this week, they faced off in a debate.  Faculty member Donna Dubinsky said, “This is a complex issue and I have been impressed with the willingness and energy of the students to view all positions.” LDG/DM

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