Wolfpack Girls Basketball in Nailbiter vs. Wheeler

Hyde-Woodstock Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Wheeler

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hyde-Woodstock – 34
Wheeler – 33

Hyde managed to get to Wheeler at about the same time the game was supposed to start with a few less uniforms than people which left the team with one substitute.  Even with a harried start the team came out on fire scoring the first 7 points of the game with Bryn Nolan ’12 scoring her first 3 pointer of the season.  Wheeler came firing back  and soon took the lead due to some break downs on Hyde’s man to man coverage.  The wolfpack found itself confused on defense and going into the half at a four point deficit.  Hyde made an adjustment on defense that proved effective and the girl’s became more aggressive on offense driving to the basket.  Hyde scored three baskets in the second half and went to the line twelve times making ten of them.  At the end of regulation the score was tie at twenty nine.  Near the end of regulation Mari Barnett ’11 fouled out so Hyde was down to no subs.  Katie Smith ’11 came up with a big rebound and bucket.  Andrea Crute ’12 also came up big with a rebound and an acrobatic scoop shot that went in.  Lara Cornelius ’11 had struggled all day from the floor was fouled and sunk the game winning foul shot to put Hyde ahead.  It was an exciting finish and uplifting ending for a team that has struggled to be unified.  Hyde goes to Williams on Saturday.  The scoring was as follows;Hope Eldridge ’11 1-0-2, Bryn Nolan ’12 1-0-3, Lara Cornelius ’11 0-4-4, Mari Barnett ’11 2-0-4, Katie Smith ’12 4-2-10, and Andrea Crute ’12 2-7-11.