Hyde-Woodstock Wrestlers Takes 3rd Place in Northern New Englands

Hyde-Woodstock Wrestlers Took 3rd Place in the 2011 Northern New England Wrestling Tournament.

Hyde-Woodstock: 159 Team Points– 3rd Place out of 12 teams.

This weekend the Hyde Wolf Pack traveled to its sister school in Bath, ME for our annual Northern New England Invitational; a tournament hosted by Bath, Woodstock, and Tilton.  Historically, Hyde-Woodstock has found itself in the middle of the pack (no pun intended) amongst the 12 teams that attend.  This year the feeling was that we would perform as we had in the past, especially since we lost three key wrestlers due to poor choices made outside of the wrestling room.  Instead of worrying about who did not come, the 12 men that were ready to wrestle pulled out all the stops to show that we are true to our motto—“Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!”

Marcos Mercado ’13 faced some tough opponents, and lost by decision after the clock ran out as he was pinning his seeded opponent from Worcester.  He wrestled back for 3rd place and went 3-1 for the day.  Peter Markham ’12 returned after missing some time on the mat, but put up a good fight for the day, ending with a 2-2 record.  Jae Kang Lee ’11 was one of the “Dark Horses” in the competition and opened the day beating the #4 seed in the tournament.  After losing to the #1 seed, he wrestled back to win one more and lose in the consolation finals, thus earning a 4th place medal for the day.  Our usual 135lb wrestler was not with us, so Graham Davidson ’10 rose to the call and wrestled very well.  He went 3-2 for the day and earned a 4th place medal.  This was his best performance so far this season, and he truly stepped up when the team needed him most.  Chris Hershberg ’12 faced a very tough bracket and went 1-2 on the day, but his first win helped our total team point count.  Kenrick Vincent ’12 brought everything he had to this tournament, and although he did not make it to the consolation finals, he earned an “Outstanding Effort” medal which every team received to give to the wrestler that showed true effort.  He went 3-2 for the day and wrestled his best match of the season against the #2 seeded wrestler, nearly beating him.  Mac McGuire ’11 went 3-2 on the day in the most competitive and difficult weight bracket of the tournament.  He ended with a 4th place medal, but set himself apart from the competition.  He will be a dangerous factor in the upcoming Class A tournament.  Addison Wheat ’11 was another “Dark Horse” in the competition and pulled off a series of tough wins earning him a 4th place medal.  His record on the day was 3-2 after losing his first match of the day against the #2 seeded wrestler.  Wrestling back and earning a medal is far more difficult than winning all your matches up to the finals.  He also filled a void that our team had for the day, and stepped up to the challenge.  Zack Guidice ’12 went 3-2 for the day, but fell just shy of making it to the consolation finals.  He wrestled tough in a new weight class after working hard to get down to 171lbs.  Quincy Falk ’12 was a newcomer to the 189lb. class.  He filled the slot Guidice left behind, and worked hard as a JV wrestler stepping up to a varsity tournament.  He won his first varsity match of the season and ended the day with a 1-2 record.  The real excitement of the day surrounded senior Brian Sanz ’11, who emerged in the finals championship bracket after wrestling some solid matches in the first and second round of the tournament.  He was seeded #3 in the tournament, but defied these expectations and came out on top.  His final match went all 6 minutes, and he won the championship in a 9-6 decision over his opponent in the 215lb weight class.

At the close of the day, we were astonished to find that we were amongst the top 3 finishers with 159 team points.  We also had 6 out of our 12 wrestlers receive a medal, and 11 out of 12 wrestlers had at least one win on the day.  This is a phenomenal conclusion on the day, and made me very proud as their coach.  We look forward to this upcoming Saturday when we travel to Deerfield for the Class A League Tournament.  Wish us luck.  Thanks!

Coach Jenkins

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