Girls Varsity Basketball Week in Review, February 5th

Hyde-Woodstock Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Falmouth Academy

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hyde-Woodstock – 31
Falmouth Academy – 46

In a rescheduled game Hyde faced Falmouth at home.  In what seems to be a trend for the year Hyde had only eight of its twelve players available for the game.  In the first half four of the eight players took chances on offense and scored with two more adding points to the bottom line in the second half.  The team was working well together to take responsibility for scoring.  On defense it became apparent that a zone defense was the better way to go because it was too easy for Falmouth to drive to the basket.  The wolf pack played hard and fought well but came up short.  The scoring was as follows: Lori Allen ’11 0-1-1, Andrea Crute ’12 1-0-2, Mari Barnett 1-1-3, Alexis Holdampf ’12 2-0-4, Hope Eldridge ’11 1-1-5, and Lara Cornelius ’11 5-1-11. Hyde heads to Falmouth tomorrow to take them on on their home court.

Hyde-Woodstock Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Falmouth Academy

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hyde-Woodstock – 19
Falmouth Academy – 55

Hyde made the trek to Falmouth down one more girl from Friday giving the team less substitution options and ultimately less scoring options as well.  Unfortunately, with the constantly changing line-ups the challenge of consistency has affected the girls’ confidence.  The girls played hard but once again struggled with putting the ball in the hoop, which Falmouth did not struggle with.  On this day the team was no match for Falmouth.  The scoring was as follows; Alexis Holdampf ’12 1-0-2, Andrea Crute ’12 1-0-2, Katie Smith ’12 1-2-4, and Lara Cornelius ’11 4 -3-11.  The teams next challenge takes place at Wheeler next Wednesday.