Bath – Swimming – Week in Review 1/25-2/2

Hyde Swimming, Week & Meet in Review (1/25 to 2/2)


Hyde swimmers, like other athletes at school this week, have remained flexible and “ready for anything” as inclement weather and mother nature have interfered with our routine practices and scheduled meets.  Suffice it to say, swimmers are gaining significant strength and patience; land conditioning workouts have replaced pool practices a handful of times due to snow closures at the Y, but everyone is working hard and making the most of each practice opportunity!  On the whole, attitudes are productive and positive, although we have taken a couple of time outs to “stop, drop, and deal” with the occasional less-than-helpful attitudes.  At this point in the season, most swimmers have competed a varied range of events in each meet.  With the remaining one or two meets remaining, we hope to give each individual the opportunity to swim those events which he/she has not yet tried yet.

Hyde vs. Morse High School, 1/28/2011 at Bath Family YMCA 7pm
Hyde swimmers competed against Morse High School in a dual make-up meet last Friday, 1/28.  This meet was a scheduled make-up from the previous Friday, a meet which had been canceled due to inclement weather.  Morse, being a much larger team than Hyde, came out on top with a colossal win, however Hyde swimmers, though small, were mighty!  Please see official results attached.

Morse High School – 226 points
Hyde School – 55 points


Morse High School – 95 points
Hyde School – 47 points

Morse High School – 131 points

Hyde School – 8 points


New State Qualifier: Alex Armstead ’11
qualified for the 100 backstroke, earning an impressive finishing time of 58.01s.  Wenkai Ou ’11, also continues to finish strong, completing his races under qualifying times in the 100 freestyle and 100 backstroke, yet again.  Willie Sisk ’12 finished 1st in the 100 butterfly, with a time of 1:02.50.  The boy’s 400 free relay team (Wenkai Ou ’11, Jon Lee ’12, Alex Armstead ’11, Willie Sisk ’12) almost made their goal of finishing the race in a sub-four-minute time, coming in at 4:00.80—so close! Injured swimmer Tyrone Freston ’11 rejoined the competition this past meet, swimming an impressive 50 free in 30:42, a nice job considering his late shoulder recovery!  Same can be said for Willow Taller ’11 who did a great job in her 200 free race.  We were fortunate enough to have several parents as spectators due to a concurrent FLC last weekend—thanks for supporting us!  1st Place: The boys 400 Free Relay Team (Wenkai Ou ’11, Jon Lee ’12, Alex Armstead ’11, Willie Sisk ’12) placed first and almost beat their goal time! Ross D’Amato ’12 gave his 200 IM his all, an event that was a challenge and an accomplishment of which to be proud!  Tandis Rafii ’12 of the 100 breast stroke alongside teammate Willow Taller ’11, both of whom did an excellent job!  Hanfei Zhang ’13 competed alongside Emma Falkinburg ’13 in the 100 backstroke, each paid good attention to the technicalities of flip turning legally, which they learned in practice this past week.  Courtney Durepo ’12 swam a modified meet due to her injured wrists, but gave her event and relays her all.  Nice job in the 50 free, Courtney! Evan Preece ’12 did a fine job in the 100 breast stroke, and was a crucial component to his relay teams.  New additional Brendan Tan ’13 took on the challenge of the 100 back stroke, and did an admirable job in finishing.  Jamie McCracken ’12 almost qualified for the 100 back stroke by a matter of four seconds!  Brian Edwards ’14 gave the 100 butterfly a valiant effort.  Cody Gullicksen ’11 and James Frazier ’11 were unable to join us this past meet; Cody was helping facilitate the FLC, and James ventured home to sunny Puerto Rico for his 18th birthday—Happy Birthday James!

The Maine State Swimming Championship Meet will be held on February 21st at the University of Maine, Orono for the boys class B (that’s us!).  Should any of these athletes progress to the New England level, the New England’s Meet will be held on March 5th at the University of New Hampshire.  As of yet, none of the female swimmers have yet qualified for the State championship, but should this change I will keep you apprised. 
*NB* In last week’s email, I mistakenly named qualifying times as “New England Qualifiers,” however any qualifying time mentioned is for the STATE level, not New Englands.  My apologies.*


Coach Mercer
Coach Bullock