Bath – MVB Week in Review 1/24/11

Men’s Varsity Basketball, Week in Review (1/24/11)

Another week is in the books for Phoenix basketball. This week consisted of two away games, the first against Richmond and the second, Islesboro. Despite some lingering attitude, the team continued to come together focusing on each quarter as one unit.

Game Recap:

Hyde: 30

Richmond: 68

The trip to Richmond on Tuesday night saw the Hyde Phoenix going up against a very good Richmond squad. Giving up some height underneath, Hyde decided that the best way to stay with Richmond would be to outwork them up and down the floor. This strategy kicked in during the second quarter and the spark of Evander Lenardson ’14 lifted the energy of the team. In his first game back from surgery, Lenardson had 6 points. Ben Burlock’13 did a good job underneath handling the taller and bigger center from Richmond. Still struggling with offensive cohesion, the low score was not a result of being outshot or defended particularly well. Hyde seems to have trouble getting the ball to go in. Shots rimmed out, lay-ups missed the mark but still Hyde would not give up. Jack Xu ’14 and Tobias Weymar ’12 lifted the team in the fourth quarter both on defense and offense, leading us to a 12-11 win of the fourth quarter.

Hyde: 29

Islesboro: 58

The girls and boys teams braved a long bus ride and a boat ride to get to Islesboro this past Saturday. With snow falling outside the gym (which seems to be a theme this winter), the starting five of Wilson MacMillan ’14, Xu, Weymar, Burlock and Peter Higgins ’13 took the floor. The score at the end of the first quarter was 4-8, in favor of the home team. Suddenly energized, the Phoenix decided that they might be able to play with this team that had embarrassed them at home early in the season. The half ended 12-24. There was excitement in the locker room, that unfortunately did not transfer onto the court to start the third. Giving up 26 points in the third quarter alone, Hyde seemed doomed for another embarrassment. That would not be the case. Andrew Blazo ’13 and Herman Gao ’12 stepped up off the bench and provided some good quality minutes for their team. Another strong showing in the fourth quarter, the Phoenix tied for that last period 8-8.

Athlete of the Week:

This week the mention goes to Herman Gao. He has been reasonably quiet all season long, trying to figure out the offense and the team dynamic. Ever since he realized he did not need to worry about fouls when playing, his intensity and aggressiveness has lifted the post play of his team. He has challenged both Higgins and Burlock underneath in practice, making everyone better.


With four games remaining in the season, the basketball team will continue to look at each game, quarter by quarter. Focusing on the fundamentals and cutting down on sloppy turnovers, the Phoenix hope to end the season on a high note with some late season victories.