Bath – MVB Week in Review, 1/17/11

Men’s Varsity Basketball, Week in Review (1/17/11)

 It was a week of revelation for the Hyde Phoenix basketball program. A week that started with a disappointing loss at NYA ended with a seminar that seems to have changed the spirit and responsibility of the team.

Game Recap:

Hyde: 17

NYA: 60

It was not a pretty affair on a snowy evening in Yarmouth, Maine. Amped up for the contest, the Phoenix took the floor looking to steal a huge class “C” win. It would not be in the cards on this night as the bigger bodies of NYA prevailed in sending the Hyde offense into disarray. With no flow on the offensive end of the floor, the Phoenix tried to pull energy from the defense. Wylie Fresne ’12 came off the bench and worked hard to collect a few steals. Ethan Bryan ’12, also coming off the bench, showed great potential and worked very hard on both ends of the floor. Everyone saw the floor in the game, and in the fourth quarter, with the game out of reach, Coach challenged the team to give it everything they had for the last eight minutes. Coming out in a full court, man to man press, the Phoenix showed that they were able to start working together and collected the most steals in that last quarter. The team realized that the offense was lacking, but the defense can always be present.

Athlete of the Week: Wilson MacMillan ‘14 earns this week’s honor. As the lone captain, he has led his team through some tough practices and games. Battling with his super-competitive instincts and the desire to make his team better through hardship, MacMillan has shown extreme perseverance throughout the season. It is this quality that most helped him earn this honor.

Goals: The team recently found themselves at a crossroads. Struggling with JV attitudes and a me-first mentality, they all met in the library before practice and cleared the decks with each other. Coming out of the meeting, the players decided they needed to become more of a team, show some commitment to each other and the sport, and start controlling the things that were in their control. They decided that what they talked about in that meeting are the most important aspects to the rest of the season.