Stars of the Week, January 18, 2011

I nominate Josh Welsh for his incredible work ethic and dedication to the Dean’s Area and the student body. A consistent standard holder throughout the campus, Mr. Welsh finds a great balance between challenging and supporting students. Keep up the good work!

I nominate Cullum Thompson for Star of the Week.  During crew, back in pots and pans, Cullum’s mood motivated others to clean productively rather than sulk and complain. He made us finish it very quickly without any complaining. Great job!

Nate Gilbert was a star on the JV Wrestling crew for Sunday brunch.  He stayed after to help rearrange the tables.  He was patient and helpful with his peers.  Great crew attitude and worthy of a star nomination!

While taking a shower I walk back to my room and as I go to open the door, the doorknob doesn’t turn. I realized my roommate had locked me out. My fear of embarrassment soon turned to dread as I realized no one was on my wing and my wing parent was MIA. But then, Shannon Ludeke, looking like Wonder Woman herself, comes and saves me from what I thought was sure to turn into a truly disastrous situation, at least for my sense of pride. I never would have made it to dinner fully clothed it wasn’t for this true star of the week.