Bath: Hyde Swimming, Week in Review 1/10-1/17

Hyde Swimming, Week in Review 1/10 to 1/17

The Hyde Phoenix Swimmers did not have a meet this past week, but are working hard in preparation for their two upcoming back-to-back meets this Friday and Saturday.  The week was varied in both practices and team-bonding oriented activities. The team used the community-wide conversation about seeking our best to fuel conversations and concern amongst one another. 

Practices were challenging; Coach Bullock hopped in with the team and taught breast-stroke drills.  Breast-stroke is often thought to be the easiest of the strokes, but when done correctly, it is actually among the more difficult.  Each swimmer learned a lot and improved greatly in his/her breast-stroke.  Additionally, we began to work on our long-distance endurance, swimming two consecutive 500’s– an exhausting, yet challenging tasks after which each swimmer felt proud.  Coach Mercer swam this practice with the student athletes, and ended the day with a new-found sense of respect and pride in her swimmers who work so hard each day.

On Saturday, the team traveled to Bates College to watch former Hyde swimmer, Won Ho Chang ’10, compete against Bowdoin College.  Watching college-level athletes compete provided Hyde swimmers with the opportunity to learn from more advanced, experienced swimmers.  Each Hyde athlete walked away inspired to apply what they learned in their own swimming.  Some students commented that they were inspired and encouraged by the fact that some of their times were close to some of the (slower) college-level swimmers’ times.

Highlights: Alex Armstead ’11 was nominated “Swimmer of the Practice” this past week after working hard in his breast-stroke drills and 500’s.  Evan Preece ’12 was complimented in today’s debrief for having a “can-do” rigorous work ethic since the first day he jumped in the pool.  Jon Lee ’12 was praised in today’s team meeting as being an athlete that many of his teammates respect and admire; he has a strong work ethic, and never quits on honing his technique.  Emma Falkinburg ’13, was a valuable participant in today’s team meeting also, owning various attitudes that have held her back, and asking for the help of her peers moving forward.  Captain James Frazier ’11 is a curious learner, always conscious about how paying attention to the little things can make him a better swimmer.  Tandis Rafii ’12 and Ross D’Amato ’12 addressed the team admirably today after their time on “work crew”; they spoke candidly and openly about their attitudes and made renewed commitments to their teammates.  Tyrone Freston ’11 is working hard in physical therapy with Mr. Foye, and will be rejoining us in the pool at tomorrow’s practice.  Captains Willow Taller ’11 and Courtney Durepo ’12 took leadership over this past weekend in asking the best of their peers at jobs and in smaller, meaningful conversations.  Cody Gullicksen ’11 has begun to engage in more physical activities with his team, all the while working on recuperating his injured shoulder.  Captain Wenkai (Kevin) Ou ’11 made commitments to improving his technique through applying new tools he learned at the Bates/Bowdoin meet.  Hanfei Zhang ’12 continues to improve her breast-stroke and freestyle strokes. We welcome new student Brendan Tan to our team this past week! Jamie McCracken ’12 and Brian Edwards ’14 are vocal leaders, asking the best of their peers and themselves, upholding team unity as core value.

On the whole, we are making great progress!  We look forward to a successful and challenging rest of our week as we approach our double-header meets!

Coaches Mercer and Bullock