Wolfpack Wrestlers Hold Strong in Loomis Quad-Meet

Hyde-Woodstock: 39
Thayer Academy: 33

This past Saturday, the Woodstock Varsity Wrestlers traveled to Loomis-Chaffee School to face off against Thayer Academy, Tabor Academy and the host school.  We opened up against Thayer Academy, a team that beat us 28-52 last year.  This year proved to be much different as several pins and wins fell in the Wolf Pack column of the score book.  The momentum we had following the Pomfret match on Wednesday had carried into this match, and several wrestlers brought intensity and toughness to the mats.  Some standouts included Marcos Mercado ’13 with a third period pin against an opponent he had lost by pin to in the previous year, as well as Kevin Smith ’12, Peter Markham ‘12 and Mac McGuire ’11 who also earned pins.  James Ziede ’12 continued on his streak of going all 6 minutes with his opponent and won by a 10-4 decision.  After the dust settled, Hyde pulled out a win bringing our team record to 3-6 for the season so far.  Our next two matches were to be challenging and we prepared to face-off against some of New England’s top teams.

Hyde- Woodstock: 24
Loomis-Chaffee School: 54

Our second match was against Loomis-Chaffee, a very tough team in both Class A’s and New England.  Last year Loomis shut us out with a 0-81 win, but we were determined not to let that happen again.  With one win on the day, our spirits were up and our moral was high.  Marcos Mercado ’13 had one of his first tests of the season, matching up against the #6 seeded wrestler.  His opponent shot right off the whistle and the sidelines were tense with anticipation, but Mercado dispatched this skilled wrestler with a first period pin!  Kenrick Vincent ’12 veered away from his usual style and instead of muscling his opponent, he pulled off a graceful shot and ran a pinning combination for the win.  Mac McGuire ’11 went the distance with his opponent, and pulled off a 10-7 win by decision.  And James Ziede ’12 wrestled all 6 minutes once again, winning with a 6-5 decision in a real nail bitter of a match.  Peter Markham ’12 lost by pin in the third period, but fought with real grit and toughness worth noting.  Our last match of the day was to be even harder than this one, seeing as Tabor had just defeated Loomis in the first round of the quad-meet.

Hyde-Woodstock: 21
Tabor Academy: 57

Although we were all tired and feeling the effects of the two matches wrestled prior to the last round, the Wolf Pack rallied to prepare for one final match up for the day.  Tabor has historically been a great wrestling school.  Last year we struggled against them and lost with a very lopsided score of 6-66.  This year’s Wolf Pack had a lot more fight in them and proved to be a tougher match for the Sea Wolves. Marcos Mercado ’13 continued on his winning streak with his third win of the day by pin.  Kevin Smith ’12 also had a pin in the third period and finished the day 2-1. And James Ziede ’12 continued to show his toughness in his third 6 minute match of the day, but lost in a 1-7 decision against a very tough opponent.  The real highlight of the day was the sibling rivalry match up at the 152lb weight class between Mac McGuire ’11 and his brother Miko.  Both sidelines were tight lipped in anticipation, but Mac showed his little brother that big brothers have a lot to lose if they are beaten by their younger siblings.  Mac really rose to the occasion though and wrestled his best match of the season, clinching a victory by a 6-4 decision.  Woodstock finished the day with a 1-2 record, bringing our season record to 3-8.  We will now get prepared for our match against Choate Rosemary Hall which we will be hosting this Wednesday at 3pm.  Please come and support the team if you can.

Coach Jenkins

Check out some photos from the Loomis meet below.

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