Wolfpack BVBB Sails into New Year

The Hyde Wolfpack started off the new year by traveling to Gann to face them once again. The game started off fast and Hyde took an early advantage, making their first four shots taking the early lead. Chad Bryant ’12 started the game off by hitting a three right as the shot clock expired. Hyde never looked back after that. Hyde quickly pulled ahead and dominated the first half in scoring, assists, and rebounding. At Halftime the score was Hyde 36, Gann 23. The second half was not much different than the first. With about five minutes left Hyde had a 21 point lead. Gann didn’t give up, they regrouped and looked as though they would make a comeback, but fell short. The final score was Hyde 71, Gann 62. A nice way to start off the New Year.

Mike Cannon ’11 had a big game scoring 18 points, and grabbing 5 rebounds. Jalen Hill ’11showed his versatility once again with 19 rebounds, and 16 points. Jahvaney Beckford ’12 scored 14 points, and also had many assists. Chad Bryant came through with some huge buckets to start the game off on the right track, he had 11 points, 7 in the first 2 minutes.

The Wolfpack’s next game is at PCD