Wolfpack Grit Shows in Pomfret Matchup

Hyde-Woodstock: 35
Pomfret School: 45

This Wednesday, January 5th, the Woodstock grapplers traveled a very short distance down the road to their neighborhood rival at Pomfret School.  This has historically been a lopsided match up and it was expected to be no different this year.  The Woodstock Varsity Wrestlers astounded the crowd by changing the precedents set before and shaking things up at Pomfret.  ‘Simply amazing’ are the only words that could describe the level of intensity, hard work, and grit that the Wolf Pack brought to the mats.  Marcos Mercado ’13 opened up with a beautiful pin against a very tough opponent.  This young man’s year is beginning to shape up as his record continues to climb.  He is currently holding a record of 6 wins and 2 loses.  Peter Markham ’12 surprised his teammates yet again with another pin.  As one of the newcomers on the team, Markham begins each match with some trepidation, but turns the heat up when the moment is right.  He has a bright future.  Kevin Smith ’12 quickly dispatched his opponent at the 135lb class, and Kenrick Vincent ’12 is quickly becoming a crowd favorite with his powerful style.  He, too, won his match for the day with a pin.  James Ziede ’12 had a tough opponent and struggled to keep control, but only gave up 3pts and has yet to be pinned this season.  This is what wrestling is about… you may not always win, but you don’t give up the pin!  The score was 35-39 with Pomfret in the lead and only one match left to go.  Brian Sanz ’11, a newcomer to the 215lb class, was unable to grasp the win needed to clinch the day from Pomfret.  Although we were not successful against Pomfret overall, there were many successes for the day.  Coach Art Horst of Pomfret gave our team a great compliment, commenting after the match that, “at least one team (Woodstock) came out to wrestle,” as well as saying that we looked great this year.  The Wolf Pack grapplers really embody their motto of, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” especially when it comes to the growth the team has made so far this season.  We look forward to our upcoming match this Saturday against some very tough opponents from Loomis-Chaffee, Tabor Academy, and Thayer.  If we bring the intensity displayed tonight, we will be guaranteed to put on one heck of a fight!

Coach Jenkins