Uphill Battle for Wolfpack GVBB in League Matchups

Hyde-Woodstock – 9
Marianapolis – 59

Hyde Woodstock started their league play against Marianapolis.  The team was outmatched both offensively and defensively.  In the first half the wolf pack managed to score only two points to Marianapolis’ thirty four.  The second half proved to be more of the same with Marianapolis beating Hyde down the court for easy lay ups.   Woodstock has many things to work on including their ability to remain poised when things are not going as planned.  The scoring is as follows; Becca Katz ’12, 1-0-2, Mari Barnett ’11, 1-1-3, Andrea Crute ’12, 2-0-4.  The team’s next game is against Lincoln.

Hyde-Woodstock Girls’ Varsity Basketball vs. Lincoln School, December 15, 2010

Hyde-Woodstock – 24
Lincoln – 59

Woodstock played last year’s SENE champion Lincoln.  They were formidable last year and they are formidable this year having both size and solid guard play.  Hyde fared better on the score board then the last game with 10 points in the first half and improving on that in the second half. Woodstock’s defensive effort and overall fighting spirit in the game was better, as well.  Their performance was a vast improvement from Friday’s game.  Scoring was as follows; Mari Barnett ’12, 1-0-2, Sam Sallarulo ’13, 3-0-8, including two three pointers, Lara Cornelius ’11, 0-5-5, and Andrea Crute ’12, 2-5-9. Overall it was a much better team performance but there is still a great deal of work to be done.