Bath: Hyde Swimming, Week and Meet in Review (12/6-12/15)

Hyde Swimming, Week & Meet in Review (12/6 to 12/15)


Hyde swimmers put in an admirable week of practice leading up to last night’s meet against Cony High School (Augusta, ME) and Morse High School (Bath, ME).  Through rigorous land conditioning practices and pool drills concentrating on backstroke and butterfly development, each athlete prepared him/herself for a successful meet experience.  Practices varied from day to day, ranging from strength and conditioning in the gym (Mondays & Thursdays), team study hall (Monday through Friday), to nightly pool time 7-8pm (Monday through Friday.  In other words, we spend a lot of time together as a team, which recently amounts to stronger bonds between athletes, an emerging sense of Brother’s Keeper, and heightened concern for one another in and out of the pool.  At the end of each practice, we debrief as a team to determine and vote on the “Athlete of the Practice.”  Recent recipients of this title have been: Ross D’Amato (’12), Tyrone Freston (’11), Willow Taller (’11), Evan Preece (’12), Jon Lee (’12),  amongst others.

Hyde vs. Morse & Cony, December 14, 2010, 7pm

Hyde swimmers participated in a tri-meet yesterday.  While we were a non-scoring team, we did swim well with great effort across the board.  (NB: The goal is to ensure that future meets will be formal scoring meets!)

The meet was a good starting place for us as a team.  We were exposed to both areas of strength, and areas for development.  Strengths lie in short sprinting distances, “coachability,” team spirit, and the efforts swimmers invested in both their comfortable and newer strokes.    Areas for improvement are in learning from disqualifications (“DQs,” i.e. technical fouls), breathing patterns, and most efficient and advantageous racing form.  Our next practices will target these areas for improvement.

Boys Swimming:

200 Yard Medley Relay: Alex Armstead ’11 (back), Jamie McCracken ’12 (breast), Tyrone Freston ’11 (butterfly), Evan Preece ’12 (free) – 2:20.57

200 Yard Free: Alex Armstead ’11 (2:34.62), Brian Edwards ’14 (DQ)

200 Yard IM: Kevin (Wenkai) Ou ’11 (2:25.10) QUALIFYING TIME FOR STATE MEET!, Tyrone Freston ’11 (DQ)

50 Yard Free: James Frazier ’11 (25.45) QUALIFYING TIME FOR STATE MEET!, Ross D’Amato ’12 (30.28)

100 Yard Fly: Jon Lee ’12 (1:12.79) QUALIFYING TIME FOR STATE MEET!, James Frazier ’11 (1:16.14)

100 Yard Free: Brian Edwards ’14 (1:16.71), Evan Preece ’12 (DQ)

500 Yard Free: Kevin (Wenkai) Ou ’11 (6:20.79), Jamie McCracken ’12 (8:09.96)

200 Yard Free Relay: Alex Armstead ’11, Brian Edwards ’14, Ross D’Amato ’12, James Frazier ’11 – 1:54.42

100 Yard Back: Alex Armstead ’11 (1:16.90), Tyrone Freston ’11 (1:39.38)

100 Yard Breast: Jamie McCracken ’12 (1:25.22), Evan Preece ’12 (1:35.90)

400 Yard Free Relay: Kevin (Wenkai) Ou ’11, Jon Lee ’12, Tyrone Freston ’11, James Frazier ’11 – 4:14.04

Girls Swimming:

200 Yard Medley Relay: Tandis Rafii ’12 (back), Courtney Durepo ’12 (breast), Willow Taller ’11 (butterfly), Hanfei Zhang ’13 (free) – 2:47.61

200 Yard Free: Tandis Rafii ’12 (3:07.98)

200 Yard IM: Willow Taller ’11 (3:05.10)

50 Yard Free: Emma Falkinburg ’13 (40.51), Hanfei Zhang ’13 (43.43)

100 Yard Fly: Tandis Rafii ’12 (1:51.39)

100 Yard Free: Willow Taller ’11 (1:14.10), Courtney Durepo ’12 (1:33.00)

500 Yard Free: (No Hyde Entries for Girls Team)

200 Yard Free Relay: Courtney Durepo ’12, Emma Falkinburg ’13, Tandis Rafii ’12, Willow Taller ’11 – 2:31.22

100 Yard Back: Hanfei Zhang ’13 (DQ), Courtney Durepo ’12 (DQ)

100 Yard Breast: Emma Falkinburg ’13 (2:03.68)

400 Yard Free Relay: (No Hyde Entries for Girls Team)

We thank our captains Courtney Durepo ’12, Willow Taller ’11, James Frazier ’11, and Kevin Wenkai Ou ’11 for their leadership and encouragement during yesterday’s meet.  In our next team meeting, we will be discussing goals and responsible training over Winter Break so that we can come back strong and ready to swim!

(Official meet results attached.)


Coach Mercer
Coach Bullock