BLT WikiLeaks Discloses New Information to the Public…

Hyde Ambassadors Seen in Public NOT Wearing Hyde Gear…BLT Meets to Discuss Penalties!

Willy B and Tiger T respond with a resounding, “NOT COOL!” and “Wait until Santa finds out!”

The information was leaked by fellow BLT Ambassadors traversing the globe on the lookout for Hyde wear. BLT Tribunal Head, Bob Felt says, “Never in a million years did we expect noncompliance. I had my people talk to Santa’s people and, rest assured, there will be fallout for the infractions.”

Don’t get caught with your gear down. WEAR IT; SHARE IT; OR ELSE ARRIVEDERC…IT!

In the meantime…educate yourself…LEARN MORE ABOUT BLT and see what BLT Ambassadors are wearing around town and the globe!