Woodstock Stars of the Week, December 3, 2010

I would like to nominate Ethan Thoms. Every week when he comes for his allowance he is polite, friendly, has wonderful manners and is very thankful. I would love to see that in all the students who come through the allowance line!

I think Lori Allen should be a star of the week because she’s been helping me follow ethics better than anyone else. She’s also helps me keep a positive attitude about being here. Love Sam!

Becca Katz’s effort in basketball and her leadership on the floor earns her a star nominatation.

I would like to nominate Mr. Rigney for a star of the week, because while he did not have to he helped out in dish room during crew as it was struggling, he had a happy to do it attitude and taught us some new tricks to make it run smoother.

I was sitting down at dinner finishing my meal when I and the other people sitting with me got up to leave without clearing our plates. Clay Vernon then called me out in front of everyone and practiced brother’s keeper, telling me to return and clean my plates. After we made a bit of an issue, Clay offered to help and took some of the plates displaying exemplary star of the week like qualities.

Sam Sallarulo worked diligently on crew with her “happy to do it” attitude and willingness to do whatever was asked of her and Shannon Ludeke had a get it done attitude which was vital to helping move the girls basketball team forward on crew their first night.