Wolfpack Wrestlers in Season Opener at Hopkins

Hyde-Woodstock: 33

The Williston Northampton School: 42

The Hyde-Woodstock grapplers had a season opener this Saturday December 4th at the Hopkins School.  Our first match up was against The Williston Northampton School, a rival we have had several close match ups with over the past few years.  This year was no exception, and proved to be a real “nail bitter!”  Since matches are worth 6 points for each pin, this match was decided with a single match.  If the Wolf Pack had a match go in a different direction, we would have clinched the victory by 3 points, rather than losing by 9.  Some highlights of this match up were Marcos Mercado ’13, Alex Houston ’12, and Kenrick Vincent ’12 who all earned pins in this round. James Ziede ’12 also had an impressive victory over a challenging wrestler, and won his match by decision with a final score of 9-3.  One thing to note, was that the sidelines were loud and supportive from the Wolf Pack.  All wrestlers cheered for their teammates and celebrated with enthusiasm.  Also, Jae Kang Lee ’12 had an impressive match, and as a new wrestler I am excited to see him progress as the season moves forward.

Hyde- Woodstock: 12

Suffield Academy: 63

The next match up of the quad meet on Saturday was against Suffield Academy, a team we had a narrow victory over last year.  Suffield had an impressive line-up, with at least half the team returning from last year.  They posed a serious challenge since they had far more experience than the younger, newer Wolf Pack squad.  Marcos Mercado ’13 clinched the only victory for the day with a pin against his opponent.  Zack Guidice ’12went the distance with his opponent and nearly defeated his rival.  The final score for this match was 11-16, but Zack showed grit and tenacity.  All other weight classes fell to successive pins, and gave the team an instant lesson in humility.  We will face off against Suffield Academy again this Saturday the 11th, and hopefully a week of practice will improve the team enough to have a better day against this very tough team.

Hyde-Woodstock: 54

Hopkins School: 10

The final match up of the quad meet was against the host school, Hopkins.  Hopkins was missing several weight classes, so we received 30 points from forfeits alone.  The match itself was high energy even though it was at the end of the day.  The Wolf Pack wrestled hard even though victory would not be hard to attain considering the forfeits.  Some highlights of this match up were Marcos Mercado ’13, Jae Kang Lee ’12, and James Ziede ’12 who all earned pins against their opponents.  Zack Guidice ’12 also had a tough loss, but had went the distance with his opponent, losing 7-15.  We finished the day proud of our hard work, and looking at the areas we needed to work on.  One thing that came out of the day was the new Varsity Wrestling motto, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop,” which will keep our spirits high and our eyes on the goal this season.  We will face off against two very tough teams (Northfield Mount Hermon & Worcester Academy) at home this upcoming Wednesday the 8th.  Come out and support the team if you can!