Girls Varsity Basketball Takes on Bath, Kents Hill in First Alleigh Mills Tournament

December 3, 2010

Hyde-Woodstock Girls Varsity Basketball vs. Hyde-Bath at the Alleigh Mills Tournament at Kents Hill

Hyde-Woodstock – 19
Hyde-Bath – 31

Hyde Woodstock traveled to Kents Hill, Maine for the first annual Alleigh Mills Tournament.  In the first quarter the momentum was in Woodstock’s favor. Point guard Sam Sallarulo ’13 hit a three point shot and newcomer to the team Andrea Crute ’12 had four points.  The defense was a little flat footed and rebounding was inconsistent but  Woodstock held a slim three point lead going into the second period.  Whether it was the long day of travel, lack of rebounding, the inability to stop Bath’s point guard Sage Harris ’11, lackluster defense, or the fact that the team did not score a basket in the second period, Woodstock went into the half down by 6 points but still in the game.  The wolf packs shooting woe’s continued with another almost scoreless quarter which shattered the team’s already suffering morale.  Woodstock rebounded slightly in the fourth quarter putting 8 points on the board but the damage was done.  On this day Bath out hustled and outscored Woodstock.  Scoring was as follows: Becca Katz ’12 – 1-0-3, Mari Barnett ’11 1-0-2, Sam Sallarulo ’13 2-0-5, Lara Cornelius ’11 1-0-2, and Andrea Crute ’12 3-1-7.

December 4, 2010

Hyde-Woodstock Girls’ Basketball vs. Kents Hill

Hyde-Woodstock – 31
Kents Hill – 20

After a good night’s sleep Woodstock showed up to play in the consolation game against Kents Hill.  This game would be much different with contributions from many people and a consistent effort throughout the game.  Bryn Nolan ’12, Mari Barnett ’11, Lara Cornelius ’11, and Andrea Crute ’12 all scored in the first period to give Woodstock a five point lead.  The man to man defensive effort caused Kents Hill to turn the ball over.  The wolf pack went into halftime with a 20 to 6 lead.  Lara Cornelius heated up in the second half scoring nine of her eleven points.  It was good to leave Kents Hill with a win and hopefully an idea of how much work will have to be done to improve.  Scoring is as follows: Katherine Hagood ’13 1-0-2, Hope Eldridge ’11 1-0-2, Bryn Nolan ’12 1-0-2, Mari Barnett ’11 1-1-3Sam Sallarulo ’13 2-0-4, Lara Cornelius ’11 5-1-11, and Andrea Crute ’12 2-3-7.  Hyde-Woodstock starts league play with a game against Marianapolis on Friday.