Hyde Weekly – 11/29 – 12/3


November 2010 Honor Guard Announced

The students who earned the prestige of being a part of Hyde-Bath’s Honor Guard were announced this week.  The following students were part of the 4+/1/0 Club meaning they have received four or more Honors, no more than one Transition and no Warnings (Honors/Transitions/Warnings):

Aneth Batamuliza ’11 5/1/0 Paxton Hansard ’11 5/1/0
Elan Livnat ’14 5/1/0 Jane Miller ’11 5/1/0
Evan Robish ’14 5/1/0 Ou (Austin) Wang ’13 5/1/0
Shusu  (Rainey)Wu ’13 5/1/0 Ian Andolsek ’13 4/1/0
Benjamin Burlock ’13 4/1/0 Theodore Cercos ’11 4/1/0
Yan (Rita) Chen ’12 4/1/0 Rachel de Molina ’11 4/1/0
Valeria DiGregorio ’13 4/1/0 Emeline Ferguson ’11 4/1/0
Wylie Fresne ’12 4/1/0 John Garvey ’11 4/1/0
Peter Higgins ’13 4/1/0 Weida (Brian)Liu ’12 4/1/0
Jamie McCracken ’12 4/1/0 Michael Novas  ’12 4/1/0
KJ Oh ’11 4/1/0 Isaac Pfosi  ’12 4/1/0
Luyang  (Leo) Shan ’11 4/1/0 Lily Smith  ’11 4/1/0

The following students were part of the 5+/0/0 Club meaning they received five or more Honors and no Transitions or Warnings (Honors/Transitions/Warnings):

Kayla Derby ’11 5/0/0 Yuan (Herman) Gao ’12 6/0/0

Craig Bartlett ’12 6/0/0 Carrie Basch ’13 5/0/0

Brian Edwards ’14 5/0/0 Scott Georgaklis ’12 5/0/0

Wonseo Huh ’11 5/0/0 Wilson MacMillan ’14 5/0/0

Emily Rose ’11 5/0/0 Mengzhiyi Zhang ’12 5/0/0

Fall 2010 Academic Awards

On Tuesday, we held our Fall Academic Awards Ceremony and the following students were acknowledged for the great work they completed this past term either as a Most Improved Learner or Most Valuable Learner:


Most Improved Learner  Honorable Mentions:                                      Weida Liu ’12, Aneth Batamuliza ’11,  Richard Stites ’11, Justin Castor ’11
Most Improved Learner (Underclassmen):    Scott Bartlett ’12
Most Improved Learner (Senior): Alex Biedermann ’11
Most Valuable Learner Honorable Mention: Carrie Basch ’13, Yan Chen ’12, Laughlynn Bragg ’12, Wonseo Huh ’11, Mali Perry ’11
Most Valuable Learner  (Underclassmen): Jamie McCracken ’12
Most Valuable Learner  (Senior): Paxton Hansard ’11


Most Improved Learner  Honorable Mention:  Zach Tolman ’12, Peter Higgins ’13, Yousuf Al-Taie ’14, Patrick Serra ’11
Most Improved Learner (Underclassmen): Yan Chen ’12
Most Improved Learner (Senior): Gabi Harvie ’11
Most Valuable Learner Honorable Mention: Jamie McCracken ’12, Wilson MacMillan ’14, Ted Cercos ’11, Paxton Hansard ’11, Aneth Batamuliza ’11
Most Valuable Learner (Underclassmen): Wylie Fresne ’12
Most Valuable Learner (Senior): Kayla Derby ’11


Most Improved Learner Honorable Mention: Chester Hill ‘12, Rannie Wu ’13, Nicky Li ’13
Most Improved Learner (Underclassmen): Michael Novas ’12
Most Improved Learner (Senior): Kayla Derby ’11
Most Valuable Learner Honorable Mention: John Garvey ‘11, Leo Shan ’11
Most Valuable Learner (Underclassmen): Wilson MacMillan ’14
Most Valuable Learner (Senior): Jenna Keith ’11


Most Improved Learner  Honorable Mention: Tandis Rafii ’12, Herman Gao ’12, Ying Ying Tan ’11
Most Improved Learner (Underclassmen): Hanfei Zhang ’13
Most Improved Learner (Senior): John Garvey ’11
Most Valuable Learner Honorable Mention: Wilson MacMillan ’14, Evan Robish ’14, Ted Cercos ’11
Most Valuable Learner (Underclassmen): Austin Wang ’13
Most Valuable Learner (Senior): KJ Oh ’11


Most Improved Learner Honorable Mention: Courtney Mulherin ’12, Jamie McCracken ’12, Yousuf Al-Taie ’14, Patrick Serra ’11, Robert Outerbridge ’11, Alyssa Thomas ’11
Most Improved Learner (Underclassmen):  Zach Tolman ’12
Most Improved Learner (Senior): Jeff Ross ’11
Most Valuable Learner Honorable Mention: Weida Liu ’12, Will Shaw ’12, Isaac Pfosi ’12, Emily Rose ’11, Emeline Ferguson ’11, James Frazier ’11
Most Valuable Learner (Underclassmen): Evan Robish ’14
Most Valuable Learner (Senior): KJ Oh ’11


Most Improved Learner  Honorable Mention: Courtney Mulherin ’12, Gabi Harvie ’11
Most Improved Learner (Underclassmen): Jon Lee ’12
Most Improved Learner (Senior): Taylor Lewis ’11
Most Valuable Learner Honorable Mention:  Courtney Durepo ’12, Emily Rose ’11, Cody Gullicksen ’11, Brendan Trometer ’11
Most Valuable Learner (Underclassmen): Sagel Prosser ’13
Most Valuable Learner (Senior): Nat Abernethy ’11


Most Improved Learner Honorable Mention: Thomas Pennington ’13, Chris Moreau ’13, Jamie McCracken ’12, James Frazier ’11
Most Improved Learner (Underclassmen): Yousuf Al-Taie ’14
Most Improved Learner (Senior): Barry Gao ’11
Most Valuable Learner Honorable Mention: Ian Andolsek ’13, Zach Leighninger ’13, Scott Georgaklis ’12, Jane Miller ’11, Ying Ying Tan ’11, KJ Oh ’11
Most Valuable Learner (Underclassmen): Mady Preece ’13
Most Valuable Learner (Senior): Ted Cercos  ’11

Winter Athletics Begin

The winter athletic season started this week with the men’s prep basketball team beating Berwick Academy in a closely contested battle.  The final score was 73-70 and the game wasn’t decided until two free throws by Harry Smith ’11, sealed the victory.  Standouts in the game included Chris Moulton ’12, Ted Cercos ’11, Ben Burlock ’13 and Wes Freston ’11.  The team continues competition this weekend when they host the James Roman Tournament.  The women’s basketball squad travels to Kents Hill School for a weekend tournament and the wrestling team also kicks off their season on Saturday with a meet at Bath Middle School.  Good luck to all!

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Welcome Back!

The students returned this week and the week was kicked off with our traditional themes for this first segment of the winter term. After sharing highlights and challenges from the break, Assistant Head John Rigney outlined the three themes – Connections, Curiosity and Community. The three weeks have been structured to focus on the synergy that comes from connecting with individuals in the school, tapping into the curiosity in classes through project-based learning and helping others in the larger community. Each Discovery Group has chosen a community service project or act of kindness to help make someone’s life a little better. In the meeting, students were asked to identify areas where they feel connected in the community. Some thoughts shared:

I feel connected to my discovery group.”

“I feel connected when we are all at an athletic event as a school cheering each other on.”

“I feel connected to the faculty here and can go to most anyone on the faculty.”

The school also discussed ways in which we can connect more to each other and to our best this winter.

Look Sharp Ladies!

The Hyde women on both campuses have worked this fall to strengthen the female dress code. While the young men on the campus have a “uniform” of tie and jacket which helps keep them looking good, the women have struggled to find excellence in our total appearance. A group of women and faculty on each campus met to move away from rules and more to a principle-centered approach to our daily dress. Thus, after lively discussion, the cornerstone of the Hyde female dress code was formed:

  • Fitting
  • Classy
  • Respectful
  • Sharp

It was a great moment this week to have Victoria Taylor ’14 waltz into my office and declare, “I am looking fit, classy, respectful and sharp!” She certainly was. Thanks to Bath faculty members Kirstie Truluck, Mary Moore, Claire Grant and Laura Lokitis along with Woodstock faculty Linda McGuire who have spearheaded this effort.

Intellectual Discovery

During the next three weeks, classes are focusing on group and individual assignments that will tap into creativity and motivation. Examples include:

Sophomore English – will work on three modes of poetry (prose, free verse and metrical) and then select and explain the significance of a 24-32 line poem.

Latin American Studies – will study Simon Bolivar, the Liberator of Latin America and create their own visual presentation of him after exploring other artistic and political images.

Spanish II – will study children’s literature and creating cartoons like Curious George (Jorge el curioso) in order to practice past tenses.

Freshmen English – students are doing a timeline of the fifteen most significant events of their life which they will organize through text, color, photos and magazine clippings.

ESL class – will work on public speaking and deliver a personal essay guided by the This I Believe format in front of the school.

Critical Race Relations – students will be reading and discussing Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, written by Harriet Jacobs and write a reflective essay to connect their own struggles and character traits in relation to the historical figure covered.

All in all, we are back with a bang!     LDG/DM

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