Woodstock Stars of the Week, November 18, 2010

Kirsten and I would like to nominate Marcy Altobello, Megan Belka, and Camryn Bindra for stars of the week for their phenomenal investment in making Fiona’s 5th birthday a huge success.  They did everything from helping kids make glow globes to wash dishes – all because they wanted to help out and show Fiona they cared.  They made Fiona’s day and they helped save our sanity!

I would like to nominate Danny Gill as a star of the week.  He saw me walking across campus with my hands full, as I was in the middle of moving to Warren and offered to help me out.  He tore down boxes, took out packing trash, etc.  All the while, had a very happy to do it attitude.

I am nominating Barbara Zimmer for a star of the week. She has held our cross country team together, gotten her running times down, and held the girls on our team accountable. When everyone else lets something go, she will be the one to keep talking about it just so that we can move forward. In classes, she has been on task and completed all of her work that she missed from the beginning of the year. She always helps those struggling in class and even offers to take her own time to help them with their homework. On top of all of that, she has had a positive attitude and powered through this term in Dean’s Area and in XC.

I’d like to nominate Sarah DeNunzio for star of the week. She has been such a great roommate to me since I moved in a few weeks ago, and she has really been helping me get out of myself, as well as helping me with my homework. She is a great listener, and I feel that she has been helping with my self-esteem. She is always there to talk and has given me great advice. She really shines as a leader to me and I think she deserves star of the week.

Kevin McMorrow has been trying to take a different role in some areas of the school, and is nominated for taking on the leadership role in Mrs. Felt’s class.  Keep up the good work!

Aaron Miller saw me struggling with carrying my stuff to my dorm and offered to help me at a moment’s notice.  He was proactive, happy-to-do-it and deserves recognition.  Thanks!

I would like to nominate those students and faculty that spent the good part of their day driving up to Maine to speak to the community about the actions of a couple of players. They exhibited the sacrifice and attitude of leaders who own the situation. They made us proud and replaced the actions of a few with the example of leadership.