Hyde Weekly – 11/6 – 11/12


“No Power” Monday

After hearing of the benefits our sister campus experienced with their “No-Tech Tuesdays,” the Bath campus went one better and had a “No Power” Monday.  We were aided in our efforts by a wind storm that knocked out phone and internet service for the day, along with most of the electricity in the Mansion, Student Union and a couple of the dorms.  We did have enough power in the remaining parts of the campus to have classes and a fairly normal day.  At this time, there are no plans to repeat “No Power” Monday, at least on a voluntary basis.

Veteran’s Day Observance

John Romac, retired Navy, and Carl Young, retired Marine Corps, led the school meeting on Thursday.  Mr. Romac began and ended the meeting with the quote, “We warm ourselves with fires we did not build and drink from wells we did not dig.” As a way to honor our veterans, he asked all of us to find a way to serve others in our lives in the spirit that others have already served us.  Blending personal reflections and experiences with historical facts in a slide show format, Mr. Romac shared with us why remembering the sacrifices of those in the military is important to him.  It was a moving presentation that left many with a tear in their eye.

Senior Speeches

On Friday, the seniors kicked off their year of public speaking under the chandelier.  Each senior presented a short dissertation on Jonathan Swift’s satire Gulliver’s Travels.  Topics of their talks ranged from “Jonathan Swift’s Use of Satirical Devices” by Patrick Serra to “The Purpose of Captain Mendez” by Taylor Lewis to Ashton Ghaffaar’s presentation entitled, “Dystopia and Gulliver’s Reaction to the Houyhnhnms.”  “As the first installment in the public speaking component of the Senior English Curriculum,” teacher Hillary Kidwell said afterwards, “students focused mainly on clarity, fluidity, poise and formal presentation skills.”

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The Voice of Hyde

At Monday’s morning meeting, the school brought Mrs. “SusieRacine to the front of the theater for a special birthday.  Matan Peltier ’10 gave her a bouquet of flowers and the community shared thoughts about what makes Mrs. Racine so special. Comments had a unifying theme:

When I am having a tough day, just walking by your desk brightens my day.”

You can put a smile on anyone’s day.”

When I came to Hyde for my interview, I wasn’t prepared for such a positive reception.”

You give back to this community but also to many other groups outside of Hyde.”

“Hi, how are you honey?” is a constant in our lives.

Susie thanked the students and talked about what Hyde was like in the first year of the school’s founding. She ended with, “Hyde keeps me going every day of my life. Every Monday I love coming to work and I truly love all the students; while they are here and long after they graduate!”  Thank you Susie!

Leadership Luncheon

The Hyde Leadership Society had lunch with the Board of Governors this past week during their Board meeting and had the opportunity to listen to each Board member discuss their own commitment to leadership and to the Hyde mission. It was one of those Only @ Hyde moments and the student leaders were clearly attentive to each speech. Jeff Black ’78, Chairman of the Board, spoke about the importance of making commitments early in the year and supporting the best in each other. He said, “Don’t wait in terms of making your leadership felt in the school.   If you do, it might be too late.  I also challenge you to increase the size of this group and bring in those peers who can support your efforts.” Members of the Hyde Leadership Society include Mari Barnett, Adam Ben-Hanania, Julia Biederman, Zack Birnbaum, Michael Cannon, Adam Carreau, Nate Chesley, Jabon Chubbuck, Caitlyn Colley, Lara Cornelius, Sarah DeNunzio, Hope Eldridge, Kun-ll Kim, Derek Kubitz, Ben Lieber, Shannon Ludeke, Mac McGuire, Bryn Nolan, Matan Peltier, Lincoln Sherman, Dan Swanson, Justen Wilson.

Charter School Teachers Here

The Woodstock campus hosted thirty teachers from the Washington DC and Bronx Charter Schools this week. The teachers had training sessions with Foundation trainer Jennifer Burns and Foundation Director Joanne Goubourn. They joined the weekly school meeting where the topic of “integrity” was explored, did the high ropes course and sang a Hyde audition. Ms. Goubourn said, “I am inspired by the teachers and their courage, commitment and openness to learning.”

We are Proud of You

One of the great aspects of the Hyde community is that transformation happens; in the classroom, on the stage and on the playing fields. This week, we proudly shared in the transformation of our men’s varsity soccer team who became men as they avenged an earlier tie to 4th place seed Williams to play in the semi-finals against the top seeded Marianapolis. With MVP of the game Brian Sanz leading the team, the squad stepped up and never quit against a very talented team. While it was a disappointing 2 – 1 loss, the pride we all felt after the game was overwhelming. In the words of Coach John Rigney, “The varsity soccer team grew leaps and bounds this fall.  And, not merely as athletes.  They grew as young men, as fitness freaks and as comrades.  They proved themselves to be honorable and hard-working, tireless in their pursuit of victory and their best.”

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