Heartbreaker for Wolfpack BVS in SENE Semi-Finals

November 10, 2010

Hyde School – 1

Marianapolis Prep – 2

Today’s SENE semi-final game was not the result Hyde boys soccer team was hoping for.  After a season of adversities, the Wolfpack looked to take the final step towards the SENE championship.  Unfortunately, the Pack ended its season with a difficult loss against SENE number one seed, Marianapolis Prep.  Matching up against the Knights for the third time this season, the coaches and players hoped that third time would in fact be the charm.

The first half was a flurry of attacks and counter attacks as both teams vied for possession.  Within minutes forwards Henry Killeen ’11 and Nate Chesley ’12 received the ball and pressed to goal.  Hyde had this and other early opportunities but could not best the Knight’s keeper Peter Boguszewski ’11.   The play from both sides was not pretty, large kicks up and over the midfield created an initial frenzied pace.  Seven minutes into the game, Marianapolis received a favorable whistle when one of Hyde’s players was called for a handball in the box.  Trevor Oullet took the penalty kick to put Marianapolis into the initial lead.  Hyde did not waiver however.  Within seconds the Wolfpack was back on the attack.  Dan Weintraub ’12 worked with Matan Peltier ’11 in the middle to feed the ball wide to the wings and up the center to the forwards.  This resulted in some immediate opportunities, including one by Killeen.  Breaking through the Knight’s defense, Killeen slipped through multiple players with the ball, only to be taken down in Marianapolis’ box.  This provided the Pack with their own prime scoring opportunity just five minutes after going down 1-0.  Chesley placed the shot left of the keeper to tie up the game.  The remainder of the first half continued the fight for superiority but with neither team coming out on top.

Returning to the pitch for the second half, both teams were well aware of the do-or-die nature of the remaining forty minutes.  Working with the ball a bit more the second half was middy Christopher Wells ’11 on the left and Adam Carreau ’11 on the right.  Overlapping with Peltier and Weintraub, or creating combinations with Killeen and Chesley, these two applied pressure along the sides in an effort to open the field up more.  The Knight’s attack was continuous however.  In the eleventh minute, Marianapolis’ Outllet found striker Isauro Figueiredo to shoot the ball past Hyde’s Brian Sanz ’11, putting the Knights ahead 2-1. This momentarily took the wind from Hyde’s sails, but with 25 minutes remaining, hope remained.  Play was ferocious on both ends.  Defenders Graham Davidson ’13Nick Dresch ’12 and Ethan Thoms ’12 fought valiantly to keep the Knights away, providing a barrier almost impossible to break.  Shifts in the last ten minutes put stopper Richard Schuller ’12 in the middle of the field and positioned to shoot on goal more than once.  Sanz had a series of amazing saves to keep the Wolfpack viable.  Ultimately however, time was not on Hyde’s side.  Although this team’s spirit and physical energy were indefatigable, the game had run its course and Marianapolis managed to keep the lead to the whistle.

To a man, the varsity soccer team grew leaps and bounds this fall.  And not merely as athletes.  They grew as young men, as fitness freaks, and as comrades.  They proved themselves to be honorable and hard working, tireless in their pursuit of victory and their best.

The SENE Semi-Final Man of the Match honor goes to senior goal keeper, Brian Sanz.

The 2010 season record, including play-off games, was five wins, nine losses, and three ties (5-9-3).  SENE league record was 3-6-3 including play-offs.

Congratulations to the men of the 2010 varsity soccer team on a season well played.

Name                                                    Pos.                       Class                      Hometown

Brian Sanz                                           G                             2011                       Tingsboro, MA

Rudwan Baksh                                  M/F                       2011                       Haymarket, MA

Adam Ben-Hanania                         M                            2011                       Chappaqua, NY

Jonah Birnbaum                               D/M                       2012                       Mill Valley, CA

Trevor Braxton-Barto                     D                             2012                       Greenwich, CT

Michael Cannon                               F                              2011                       New York, NY

Adam Carreau                                   M                            2011                       Essex, Ct

Tim Cassidy                                         M                            2012                       Pelham, NY

Nathan Chesley                                M/F                       2012                       Chicago, IL

Scott Connolly                                   D                             2011                       Old Saybrook, CT

Graham Davidson                            D                             2013                       Livingston, NJ

Nick Dresch                                        D                             2012                       Highland Park, NJ

Sean Kadagian                                   F                              2011                       Ridgefield, CT

Henry Killeen                                     F                              2011                       Buffalo, NY

Kun Il Kim                                            M                            2012                       Soeul, South Korea

Jae Kang Lee                                      F                              2014                       Soeul, South Korea

Matan Peltier                                    M/F                       2011                       Rockville, MD

Nick Sackman                                    D                             2011                       Sleepy Hollow, NY

Richard Schuler                                 D                             2012                       Merion Station, PA

Ethan Thoms                                      D                             2011                       Matunick, RI

Daniel Weintraub                             M                            2012                       Westport, CT

Chris Wells                                          M                            2011                       Columbia, SC