Hyde-Woodstock Stars of the Week, November 5, 2010

George Hammond

This is the second nomination for this individual who has become somewhat of a man, myth, and legend around campus for his integral role as a person who leaves it better than he found it. George Hammond was sighted again, picking up pieces of trash when nobody else was.  For that he deserves a star of the week!

Blake Smaldone

Blake Smaldone has been doing a great job in Spanish II – completing all assignments thoroughly, conjugating verbs, even dancing and singing along with Spanish songs with enthusiasm and a HTDI attitude. He helps hold the class accountable and takes leadership without being asked.

This past weekend, Hyde had a variety of events that took a community effort to pull off.  The Haunted House, Halloween Dance, and Hyde-O-Ween all made this a very special weekend.  I know that I couldn’t have done it without the help of this Halloween Dream Team!  For that, you are all stars.

Yesterday a large group of Hyde Students gave up their time to help out with the middle school students in the annual Know Yourself-Be Yourself Program.  This is a great example of community service and outreach, and as such it deserves recognition as star-worthy behavior.  Great job!

Bryn Nolan

I think Bryn Ross Nolan should be a Star of the Week.  She has been helping out on the soccer team, and keeping their spirits up.  She has also helped me (Megan Belka) with my academics, and held me accountable for doing my homework and keeping my room clean. In addition, she is one of my best friends and is always there to listen.  She is a star!

Brayden Saucier

Now, for a very special Star of the Week, this one goes to Brayden Saucier!  He was honored with the “responsible student of the month” award in his school.  He is off to a great start in school and we are all proud of him in the Hyde community.