Hyde Weekly – 10/30 – 11/5


Honor Guard Announced

The second honors/warnings designations were posted this week.  The following students made the Honor Guard (at least 4 honors and no warnings):

Seniors – Nathaniel  Abernethy; Aneth Batamuliza; Theodore Cercos; Rachel de Molina; Emeline Ferguson; Paxton Hansard; Wonseo Huh; Jane Miller; Emily Rose; Brendan Trometer

Juniors – James Allen; Craig Bartlett; Yan Chen; Yuan (Herman) Gao; Scott Georgaklis; Weina Kong; Zhihong (Elvis) Leng; Weida (Brian) Liu; Isaac Pfosi ; Tobias Weymar ; Mengzhiyi Zhang

Sophomores – Ian Andolsek; Carrie Basch; Valeria DiGregorio; Nicholas Hatch; Zachary Leighninger; Madeline Preece; Shusa (Rainey) Wu; Shizhu (June) Yu

Freshmen – Elan Livnat; Wilson MacMillan; Evan Robish

The following students were recognized at the community meeting for making significant improvement from the last honors/warnings period:  Yousuf Al-Taie ’14; Clifton Bauman ’13; Ross D’Amato  ’12; Nabil Eshraghian ’13; Peter Higgins  ’13; Chester Hill ’12; Isaac Preston ’13; Will Shaw ’12; Hanfei Zhang  ’13.

Congratulations to all those students recognized for their efforts in academics!

Hyde Students in the Community

Two community service opportunities for students kicked off this week.  Ten students spent time on Monday evening visiting with residents of the Plant Home, a local elderly community. The residents and students shared stories about growing up, hometowns and hobbies.  On Tuesday evening, another group of students had their first visit to the Winship Green Nursing Home.  Faculty advisor, John Chesterton, wrote about the visit to the Plant Home, “The kids went right in and sat next to a resident and just started talking. The people there were so receptive and were so appreciative that the students came to visit with them that it warmed my heart. One generation talking to another in such a close and loving way; it was just what we wanted for our kids and according to the Activities Director there, just what the people needed.  It was great!!!!!”

Future Top Chef:  Chip Wohlstetter
Each morning at 6:00, senior Chip Wohlstetter reports to the kitchen to begin his cooking duties.  Chip aspires to work in culinary arts in the future and decided not to wait for a college internship to start gaining valuable experience.  So far Chip has had a hand in preparing breakfast pastries, desserts and soups for lunch.  Long-time Hyde chef, John Brawn stated, “Chip has a knack for what he does and has enthusiasm for his future.”

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Soccer Team Rocks

Both soccer teams inspired all of us this week with their grit and guts. Each took on St. Andrews and the men won 1-0 and though the women tied, their commitment to push for the win was amazing. The men will represent Hyde in the SENE championships this coming week. Coach Rachel Folan shared this about her team:  “From the opening whistle, it was clear that the Hyde team had shown up to play and win.  The ball was moved well through the midfield, kept to the flank, and played beautifully into the goal over and over.  Marcy Altobello ’14 led much of this play, as she charged down the left sideline, pushing a great ball through to Andrea Sayegh ’12, who took on her defender.  Earning a corner kick, Bryn Nolan ’12 sent a beautiful ball into the goal which Sayegh drilled toward the goal off her head.  Though the goalie made the initial save, Sayegh followed up her attack, gathering the rebound to earn her first goal of the season, just nine minutes into the game.  Though Hyde maintained complete control of the game, St. Andrew’s earned a counter attack ten minutes later, catching the Wolf Pack defense off-guard.  Though the defense balanced well, St. Andrew’s got a shot off just inside the 18-yard box, barely trickling into the goal, yet evening the score.  With the half-time score tied, Hyde’s 11-2 shot advantage propelled them to up the play even more for the second half. Hyde saw fantastic play from Mari Barnett ’11, Aine Zaniewski ’13, Altobello, and Rianna Arellano ’12 in the midfield, Nolan and Sayegh on offense, and Becca Katz ’12, Camryn Bindra ’13, Hope Eldridge ’11 and Caitlyn Colley ’11 on defense

Know Yourself/Be Yourself

The campus was alive with the sounds of 100 high energy middle schoolers on Wednesday with a visit from the Woodstock 7th grade for a Know Yourself/Be Yourself Workshop. Forty-seven Hyde students stepped up to run the workshop in small groups.  The middle school returned after lunch for team-building exercises before the final debrief.  The program had three goals:

  1. Each one of us is unique.
  2. It takes courage to be yourself.
  3. We all need help.

At the end of the day, the young students thanked individual facilitators for their help, feedback and concern. One student shared , “I inspired myself when I had to start the song ‘Lean on Me’ in my group.” Another commented, “I learned to trust my group because I had to when they carried me to the theatre,” during the afternoon session. Hyde students were inspired by the depth of their conversations with the middle school students and the level of concern the younger students showed for one another.  Special thanks to faculty members Sarah Robinson and Donna Dubinsky for their leadership in making this day such a success for all.

Setting Goals
In the weekly school meeting, the school divided up into two groups; those that are focused on using the school for their leadership and those that need the structure to strengthen their attitudes. Each group had the same topic and shared thoughts on setting high expectations, dealing with the tension between vision and reality, and having the courage to declare a goal. Each meeting was productive and the general feeling was that we need to do more with smaller groups in order to allow for greater participation. Some of the goals shared by faculty and students included:

Megan Belka – “A goal in my life is to go to and graduate from UCLA.”

Laura Leonard – “A goal for my life is to become a nurse so that I can give back to the world.”

Cindy Guan – “My long term goal is to make a positive impact on many individuals and to inspire young people to do the same.”

Graham Davidson – “Get good grades, get into a good college, maintain a ski scholarship and get along with my brothers.”

Yi “Joy” Yang – “I will stay here for two years, go to a good college and make my parents proud of me.”

Mac McGuire – “A goal I have for my life is to join the Peace Corp.”

Katherine Hagood – “…to play basketball for the College of Charleston.”

Jackson Bender“..to have a great relationship with my whole family.”

Bryn Nolan – “…to maintain a healthy, active life and love whatever career I choose.”

Colin Fredericks – “I would like to start my own school someday.”

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