Wolfpack BVS Shuts Out St. Andrews 2-0

November 1, 2010

Hyde School – 2
St. Andrew’s – 0

The Wolfpack rang the bell again this past Monday after another win within the Southeastern New England (SENE) league.  Facing St. Andrew’s at home on the turf, the team was finally full strength and fired up to play.  Recent efforts to improve ball movement paid off early on as forward Henry Killeen ’11 had numerous opportunities to go one-on-one with the Saint’s keeper Stephen Matriscano.  Killeen’s speed and tenacity did not pay off with a goal but it gave the team the momentum and confidence to continue the attack.  With three minutes remaining in the half, midfielder Matan Peltier ’11 charged into the corner with the ball and ferociously crossed it to goal.  Jae Kang Lee ’14 was there to collect it but could not contain it; forward Nate Chesley ‘12 took a whack at it as well and managed to keep St. Andrews’ players from clearing it long enough for Peltier to find the ball again and put it past the keeper.  Great defensive play was seen throughout the half by Graham Davidson ’13 playing sweeper once again.  Supporting him was Chris Wells ’11 and new to the position of stopper, Richard Schuler ’12.  Schuler provided coverage and courage in the mix.

The second half opened with a strong showing for Hyde.  In the third minute, Chesley received a cross from Scott Connolly ’11.  The ball dribbled into goal to put the Pack up by two and to secure a more comfortable lead.  The game continued with numerous chances to increase the lead.  Consistently hustling throughout the match was central middy Dan Weintraub ’12.

Hyde closes out its regular season on Wednesday, at home, against local rival Marianapolis Prep.

Man of the Match – Graham Davidson ‘13