JVFB Pelicans Descend Upon the Wolfpack

JVFB fall to Loomis Chaffee

Thursday, 10/21/10

Loomis-Chaffee- 28

Hyde Woodstock- 0

Woodstock, CT- A textbook New England indecisive-weather day, the blustery wind gave us a damp field under a sunny sky freckled with clouds for this opening game of Fall Family Weekend. A rejuvenated and confident Wolfpack took to the field to face the same team as just 12 days prior. The Pelicans arrived late to see a team that had developed skill, grit, and confidence over the near fortnight.

We began on defense and showed Loomis that this was going to be a different game than last time. We played with an internal fire that resulted in key stops and forcing the Pelicans to punt before establishing a rhythm. James Zeide ’12 took up the mantle of captain of the defense at the middle linebacker spot and produced crucial tackles and sacks consistently to give the offense a chance. The defensive line consisting of Jackson Bender ’13 (DE)John White ’14 (DT)Tom Rich ’12 (DE), Roy Wang’13 (2nd DT) and Sean Preston ’12 (DT) tightened up early to shut down their powerful up-the-gut offense.

The running backs proved dangerous when given the ball. Sean Preston ’12- 14yds., Ben Errera ’13- 23yds., Peter Markham ’13- 67yds., James Zeide ’12-40yds.. After a series of dropped snaps and miscues, Pablo Miranda ’11 stepped in as QB and established 30 yards on the ground late in the 4th , but the clock quit on us before we could score.

The hard hitting O line consisted of team captain Jackson Bender ’13John White ’14Julian Goldenberg ’13Tom Rich ’12, John Nelson ’14Aaron Miller ’12 and Roy Wang ’13.

As ever through the second half, it was the Defense that kept us in and began to set the tone of the game. Linebacker Aaron Lyons ’12, and defensive tackle John White ’14 were the defensive stars, stepping up to make big plays in the trenches. At the end of a tough game, the Wolfpack held their heads high after holding the Pelicans to only 8 in the second half and playing some very smart football.

Character Highlight- Lincoln Sherman ’11 stepped up and showed tremendous courage and leadership in confronting the infighting on the offensive line as the game wore on. No one wanted to confront the business end of Lincoln’s helmet and they got their collective acts together.

The Wolfpack has a week off before heading out to Portsmouth Abbey School.

Coach Radar, Ian Matthew Harrington