Hyde Varsity Cross Country: Week in Review (10/25-10/30)

Hyde Varsity Cross-Country: Week in Review

This week, the boys and girls Varsity Cross-Country team continued with their physical training, but the emphasis has been primarily on FOCUS.  As we look ahead to our MAISAD championship meet this Wednesday at UMaine/Augusta, we are striving to harness our energy and focus into a hungry competitive spirit!  While our workouts have been challenging, our mental energy has been somewhat off kilter these past few days—with a remarkable exception being the boys meet this past Saturday at Hebron Academy. In the remaining two days before our MAISAD Championship meet, we will work hard to focus on the job at hand, limit outside distractions, and capitalize on our competitive spirit!

We continued with challenging workouts—a ladder workout at the track (200X2, 400×2, 600X1, 400×2, 200×2), hill sprints on Rose Street, and we also familiarized ourselves more so with our own course.  These workouts prepared us well for our Saturday meet at Hebron Academy.

Saturday, October 30, 2010 – Meet at Hebron Academy vs. Elan, Gould, Kents Hill, Hebron Academy

Hyde Varsity Boys Cross Country came out on top with a WIN, and we all came back to campus feeling great, making a pit stop by the victory bell which we rang with pride!  This meet was most impressive, with the Athlete of the Meet undeniably landing in the lap of MATT LANDRY, class of 2013.  In a neck-and-neck battle for the finish, Matt—the 6th finisher of the meet—beat Hebron’s 7th runner in an thrilling, nail-biting sprint to the end.  Our runners took places 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, (12), and (19)—the first five finishing as a VERY TIGHT PACK!  Senior Captain John Garvey ’11 inspired his team with his presence and spirit, but has been unfortunately unable to run due to injury.  (See photo attached: Hyde Boys Varsity Cross Country rings Victory Bell after Win at Hebron Academy.)

Hyde Varsity Girls Cross Country, while a non-scoring team on Saturday, finished a difficult race with improved times and feeling great about their performances.  Although some struggled with focus, all finished the course with admirable times.  With three consecutive finishes at places 6, 7, and 8, Emeline Ferguson (28:39), Lily Smith (30:58) and Carrie Basch (31:25)brought their pack in as a tight unit.  Following at place 13 was Kayla Derby (35:05).  Senior Jessie Zhao (injured) supported her team with enthusiasm and cheer.  The girls greatest challenge on Saturday was Hebron’s “Wall”—a notoriously steep incline in the last mile of the race which often tests runners’ courage, strength, focus and “no-quit” attitudes.  Only Kents Hill had enough runners to score as a team, and they earned 15 points in an impressive race of their own, with runners finishing 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and (6).


The boys results are as follows:
Hyde School – 23 points
Hebron Academy – 45 points

Kents Hill – 58 points
(Elan & Gould – Non-scoring)

Boys times:
 Isaac Preston                   
Richard Stites                   
Jamie McCracken           
Matt Landry                      
22: 32

Jacob Leighton                 24:37
Elan Livnat                         
Cody Gullicksen