Third Time’s the Charm for BJVS vs. Marianapolis

Hyde vs. Marianapolis

October 30, 2010

Hyde – 4

Marianapolis – 2

Yesterday’s game against Marianapolis not only marked the boys JV soccer team’s second win of the season, but was a true testament to the improvements we have made this season.  We were eager for a third opportunity to face Marianapolis’ thirds team, having lost our first game and tied our second, and the boys were hungry for a win.

The players were challenged at the start of the game to use their natural speed to their greatest advantage, maintaining a tight man-on-man defensive line, and using the sidelines of the field in offensive advantages.  The first half began with Hyde pushing the ball steadily up the field, but, though we had several opportunities on the goal, out shots continuously went wide, owing in part to a persistent wind gusting across the field.  Goalie Nick Davis ’13 kept the score at a stalemate with several saves made under pressure as Marianapolis players broke away down the field.  Our efforts finally were rewarded when Jun Guo ’14, scored the first goal of the game in the 15th minute of play.  Excited by this first success, Hyde players began to aggressively push the ball up the field.  Our play became reckless and Marianapolis player Kyle Duethorn found the back of our goal in minute 25, sealing his fate (Kyle is denied dessert by his parents when he scores on Hyde School.)  In response to Marianapolis’ goal, Hyde players tightened their play, especially midfielder Tom Nixon, whose improved work making short, controlled touches up the side of the field helped Hyde move the ball into the offensive half of the field.  Hyde scored once again after a beautifully executed corner kick by Jake Ableman ’13 was headed into the back of the net by forward Joe Su ’12.  Minutes later, Marianapolis countered with a second goal which bounced off the post after a scuffle near the goal and landed in the net, ending the half with the score tied 2-2.

The second half of the game began well as Guo captured the ball after a fumbled corner kick by Marianapolis, dodged Marianapolis’ defense and scored on their goal having possessed the ball for the entire length of the field.  Minutes later Jonah Birnbaum, ’12, with a risky break away from his sweeper position, scored our final goal with a precise shot the upper corner of the net.

Though our first win against Marianapolis was marked by exciting offensive maneuvers, the results stood due, on large part, to our solid defensive line of Sam Zhao ’12, Paul Pan ’12 and Jerry Su ’12, all of whom have grown as a unit, communicating and strategizing to stop plays as the come down the field.

BJVS hopes to use the momentum we have found in the last two games as we face Portsmith Abbey this Wednesday.