Hyde Weekly – 10/23 – 10/29


Class Meetings

  • The Seniors and faculty spent some time on Monday doing evaluations, i.e., “What is going well for this student/teacher?” and “What are challenges or opportunities for this student/teacher?”  The seniors were very up front and honest with both their classmates and the teachers evaluated, and so more time was allotted to continue this process during class meetings on Wednesday.
  • John Romac facilitated the Junior class meeting and reported, “The junior class worked on Moments of Truth.  After reading and discussing the “Man in the Mirror,” we broke into small groups of 3 or 4 to recall Moments of Truth for each of the IPSES.  The discussions and sharing were pretty deep. Yan Chen, Jamie McCracken, Jonah Alexander and Herman Gao displayed courage in their sharing of moments of truth.”
  • The Sophomores used their time to view “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch and discuss some of the lessons from the video.  Sophomore teacher Jesse Sataloff writes: “As we debated living life to the fullest, placing people over material goods, a Coach Graham figure (people who push you because they care), and other ideas, Ian Andolsek, Chris Moreau, Ben Burlock, and Mady Preece all contributed a lot to the lively talk.”
  • The Freshmen, needing some fun, engaged in a spirited bowling contest.  Will Beckham writes, “The spirit and energy was high as the class split up into two teams for an intense, team-centered duel. The score was tight until the 6th frame when the squad consisting of Yousuf Al-Taie, Victoria Cowman, Elan Livnat, Evander Lenardson, and Ben Fusco blew away, besting the opposing team by over 100 points after it was all said and done. It was a great time had by all and the freshmen are already talking strategies for round 2.”

Football and the Efforts Savings Bank

The football team won its first game of the season by defeating Holderness School by a score of 27 – 20.  We talked about this in the school meeting for two reasons:  first, we always want to celebrate our successes, and second, the team’s success was a good example of the concept of the Effort Savings Bank.  The football team has been working hard since early September.  Their team attitude has been good, and they have kept positive and displayed exemplary sportsmanship even as the losses have mounted.  The idea of the Effort Savings Bank is that any time we put our best into our various endeavors, it never goes for naught.  Sometimes it comes back to us immediately (we win the game that weekend or do well on a test we studied for); sometimes the effort is rewarded later in the same area (the collective effort of the football team in early September pays off in a late October victory); and sometimes we just need to trust it will pay off in another area of our lives.  This point was punctuated by an alum whose son was featured on the Today Show for donating his birthday money to the Ronald McDonald House.  In a personal communication, the alum expressed his appreciation for the effort he had to exert in general while at Hyde because he now sees how it helps in his role as a parent.  The point is simple:  Trust that if you work hard and give it your best, eventually the effort will pay off, even if we don’t always know how or when.

Accreditation Visit Complete
The eight visiting committee members from schools such as Phillips Andover, Pomfret School, Vermont Academy and Hampshire School arrived Sunday night.  During the next three days they visited all of our classes, met with faculty and staff, Board of Trustee members and students, and current and alumni parents.  They looked us over from all angles:  academic progam; financial resources; teacher training and development; safety plans; residential life; family program and more.  They were part of our school meeting, faculty meetings, senior/faculty evaluations, Dean’s Area morning meetings and any other meeting they happened upon!  While we will not hear officially until January, the committee did express their admiration and respect for the education Hyde is offering students and families.  They noted the openness with which all constituencies communicated with each other and the clear commitment to character and the individual.  We enjoyed their visit and look forward to their final report.

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Rigor, Synergy, Conscience

With exquisite fall colors as a backdrop, the Woodstock campus welcomed the Hyde families for a jam packed weekend of education, character and family renewal. Students shared highlights of the fall in the community meetings and parents attended a full rotation of classes. The football team wowed the crowd Friday night under the lights and parents learned Wolf Pack cheers that were heard throughout the weekend. One of the highlights was the Saturday morning presentation by Mr. Dick Hoyt, who has inspired the world with his journey to compete with his son in marathons and triathlons despite their obstacles. His message of “Together We Can” brought deep emotion out of all of us.

The Fair Share Campaign leaders rallied us to end the weekend with 98% participation from the attending parents and the faculty and staff, once again, set the bar with 100% participation in the annual fund Fair Share drive.

Finally, President Malcolm Gauld spoke in the final community meeting about teaching, parenting and listening to conscience. He said, “When you are ‘all in’ and fully committed to your best, good stuff happens!” Good stuff indeed happened this past weekend.

Please take a moment to complete the survey regarding Fall Family Weekend.  The link is as follows:  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KCSZX2Y

Effort Pays Off!

During Fall Family Weekend under the lights, the Wolf Pack got back on the winning track for the first time in quite a while. Behind tough defense and the impressive running of PG Justen Wilson (11 carries for 263 yards and 4TD’s), Hyde dominated the line of scrimmage and rolled to victory on senior appreciation night with a victory over Hebron Academy. Quarterback Derek Kubitz ’11 was 6-10 passing for 98 yards, 1TD, 1 INT and 7 rushes for 81 yards. PG Jalen Hill hauled in two catches for 48 yards and 1TD. Offensive line standouts included Joshua McGowan ’12 and PG Tyler Berardino.  Special teams’ player of the game was Mike Zinn ’12. Mike’s kick-off coverage was outstanding and he also ran the ball tough in the second half of the game. For his efforts, Justen Wilson was named the Norwich Bulletin Offensive Player of the Week for Northeastern Connecticut. The Wolf Pack will travel to Brookline, MA next Saturday to take on Dexter School.

Hyde-O-Ween Happenings
This week, Hyde is celebrating Halloween in style. The sophomore class decided that they wanted to put a Halloween celebration together for the young faculty kids.  They held two fund raisers, decorated the Wolf Den and gave candy to the young goblins and ninjas. Kudos to Camryn Bindra ’13, who took the lead on the project. Another group put a great deal of work into the Haunted Theater.  Helpers such as Jahmilia St. Claire ’13, Julian Goldenberg ’13, Bryn Nolan ’12, Ben Lieber ’12, John Nelson ’13, Nate Chesley ’12, Camryn Bindra ’12, and many others have pitched in, sacrificing their free time, to bring some fun and fright to the community.  The students have turned the downstairs of our theater into an eerie place that features rooms such as the dreaded Dean’s Area, blood soaked Doctor’s Office, glowing Psychiatrist’s Room and the crazed Beauty Queen’s Dressing Room.  Students also set up committees to run a costume party and dance for Saturday night.  Faculty member Wes Jenkins, who helped the students commented, “The community really came together to create a fright fest and a memorable Halloween weekend!”

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