Solid Performance for Wolfpack X-Country at Pomfret School

Hyde School Cross Country at Pomfret School

October 23, 2010

Hyde School Cross Country traveled to compete at neighboring Pomfret School on October 23rd.  In addition to Pomfret the boys competed against Gunnery, and Cheshire while the girls ran against Westover and Cheshire.  The boys team pulled out a win against Cheshire but trailed considerably behind the heavily favored Pomfret and Gunnery teams.  The girls finished just behind Pomfret and Cheshire but well behind Westover who stood head and shoulders above the competition.

Pomfret’s very hilly course presented a formidable challenge to the Hyde runners on both squads.  Some folded under the pressure and walked portions of the course and many shrunk from the challenge of maintaining their usual race paces.  Out of the group though there were a couple of standouts who had the courage and tenacity to push through the hills and come out with excellent results.  On the guys side Zach Cerame ’12 ran a tough race finishing in a respectable 21:56.  Matt Wysocki ’13 took the lead for the guys crossing the line in 20:55, a solid time for sophomore who has again proven to be the heart of his team.  Addison Wheat ’11 also had an exceptional race finishing in 21:08 just behind Matt’s lead.  All together the guys did well.  While the hills proved too much for some others stepped up and filled in.  Those who did not achieve their best will have another chance next Saturday when we race Pomfret on their course again.

On the girls’ squad three young ladies truly stood out in their effort.  Julia Biederman ’12 managed to muster up a great performance.  She finished in 37:21, a personal record for her and quite the achievement considering the challenging nature of the course.  Alexis Holdampf ’12 also ran an excellent race finishing in 27:02 less than a minute off her best.  The standout though was senior Barbara Zimmer who managed to pull out a personal record on a very tough course.  You could see the determination on her face throughout the run as she worked her way up into the guys pack.  She closed out the race in 25:05 beating her previous personal best by 30 seconds.

Please note the scores below and wish us luck in our next meet, The Eric Jacober Invitational at St. Andrews this Wednesday.

Pomfret 25, Gunnery 30, Hyde 92, Cheshire 97

Westover 23, Cheshire 78, Pomfret 82, Hyde 88, Gunnery no score