Early Lead Ends in 4-2 Loss for Wolfpack BVS

Hyde School, Woodstock – 2

Putnam Science Academy – 4

The boys varsity soccer suffered an incomprehensible defeat to Putnam Science Academy this past Saturday in front of friends and family.  For most of the forty-five minutes the Pack possessed the ball and made repeat attacks on PSAs goal.  Attacking at the top were Henry Killeen ’11 and Nathan Chesley ’12; they received the ball and made had a number of near miss-opportunities on goal. Fifteen minutes into the half midfielder Dan Weintraub ’12 went up for a head ball but received an elbow instead. (He walked from the field to the car to the hospital to discover a broken nose was the result of his effort.)  Dan’s tenacity and speed was sorely missed from that point on and the team struggled to keep up spirit.  Twenty minutes into the half however center mid Matan Peltier ’11 collected the ball and found Killeen.  Henry burned by the defender to go one-on-one with the goalie, shooting near-post for the goal.  The half continued with a series of shots to goal which were either saved, defended or went wide – all of which reminded PSA that the Pack was ferocious and looking for the win.  Great soccer was seen from the right side of the field as Chris Wells ’11 found Adam Carreau ’11 and Carreau found Peltier for a number of give and go runs towards goal.  The team entered the break in high spirits and fired up.

Despite a powerful first half and dominant posture for forty five minutes, the second half would not be a continuation.  The second half opened with a renewed sense of urgency from PSA.  With Weintraub missing, stopper Graham Davidson ’13 tested himself as central mid-fielder backing up Peltier.  They made some solid combinations but could not move the ball with sufficient composure all the way up the field.  As play continued, both teams battled for possession and the game became less focused.  Players batted the ball back and forth in an ugly display of kick-ball.  In the 19th minute, PSA found the net having defeated Hyde’s defense.  This had an immediate effect on Hyde’s morale and allowed PSA to renew their attack with increased vigor.  Within three and a half minutes, PSA racked up three points as Hyde’s midfield and defense melted mentally.  With fourteen minutes to go Putnam put in one more.  This painful twelve minutes of play illustrated for the Pack their vulnerability when caught off-guard and thoroughly tested their will.  It provided a gut check and forced them to decide how they’d deal with their own lack of composure. The last ten minutes reignited their resolve. Despite being down 4-1, the Wolfpack did not give up and rallied for a number of attacks.  With less than five minutes remaining, Peltier and Killeen made numerous runs.  Killeen again found the ball and put it on goal to reduce the deficit.  Ultimately, the Pack faced its worst enemy in this game – themselves. Alive and driven the first half, the Wolfpack lost the game due to doubt, frustration, and a lack of composure.

Hyde plays Williams School this coming Saturday at home.