Women’s JV Soccer – Week in Review

Week of October 11th

Kent’s Hill – 1

Hyde – 0

On Wednesday we traveled up to Kent’s Hill on a beautiful afternoon for our first game against these league rivals.  Last year’s team was a powerhouse and without much of a scouting report, we didn’t know what to expect.  Arriving early for a long warm up, we felt charged up and ready to go as we took the field.  Things looked good right from the start as senior captain Gabi Harvie won the coin toss for the first time this season!  Playing hard and smart, we came through the first half with a tie score of 0-0 … our best result to date!!!  Excited by the prospect of a victory and charged up by the sense of the game that the team was beginning to show, we entered the second half eager and hungry.  About halfway through the second half the Kent’s Hill team earned themselves a corner kick and during the melee that followed in front of the goal, Val DiGregorio was unable to keep track of the ball for a split second and it slipped by for the first goal of the game.  That first goal ended up as the only one and though it went into the books as a loss, this was the team’s best showing to date and it exemplified the progress that the team has made over the course of the season.

Woodstock – 1

Hyde – 0

On Saturday, during family weekend, Woodstock travelled up to Maine on a cold and wet day to challenge the team on our home field.  With the recent additions to the team of Zaji Lieberman and Tarrah Tibbetts and many of the parents there to watch, the team was excited about the game and had a really good time playing.  Early on it became clear that some members of the Woodstock team were more aggressive than we were used to but the game stayed reasonably clean throughout and Val had her best game of the season with more than a dozen saves, a couple of which were saves that even she didn’t expect to make!  The game ended as a 0-1 loss but it was hard fought and well played nonetheless.

Week of October 18th

Woodstock – 2

Hyde – 1

Traveling to Woodstock for our sister-school’s family weekend, the JV team was well rested as they took to the field.  Following the loss to Woodstock at home, we were hungry for a victory and wanted the season’s first to be against our primary rivals!  Playing hard and smart, Hyde took the field and controlled the ball reasonably well.  Staying bunched up allowed us to talk to each other clearly and make short and intentional passes but it opened up the field for Woodstock players to skirt around the defense and penetrate deep into our backfield.  After a well-placed touch from Tarrah to our powerful striker Coco Qin, the goal seemed to be ours.  Playing like a different team, Coco and Hanfei Zhang worked to move the ball around the Woodstock defenders and strike at the goal.  This was no accident, this goal was intentional and was well struck!  Hanfei earned her first goal of the season and Coco earned her first assist!  A tough loss to an aggressive team but, if we have to lose to Woodstock, it may as well be on their family weekend.

With one more game in the regular season left to play (on Wednesday against Kent’s Hill on our home field), Hyde sits in last place in the standings with no wins.  That may be true but the standings don’t take our growth and hunger into account and Hyde may come out strong in the post season!