Wolfpack GJVS vs. Pomfret

Girls JV soccer vs. Pomfret

Hyde-0       Pomfret- 5

The girls arrived at the Pomfret campus September 25th ready to play one of their toughest opponents of the season. The girls prepared the week leading up to the match to play an aggressive and primarily defensive game. Katie Smith ’12 was a force to reckon with between the goal posts that afternoon. Playing on an injured ankle she showed serious courage and leadership on the defensive third. She was supported by her entire team but most notably would be the 5 girls in the middle of the field. HyeSong Back’12Jahmilia St. Claire ‘14Tina Zhang13Joy Yang ‘12 and Alex Smart ‘12 all did a great job clogging up the middle of the field and forcing the ball out to the wing positions played by  Victoria Taylor ’14 and our varsity helpers Aine Zaniewski ‘14 and Gillian Weintraub ‘12. The Wolfpack worked on their communication on the field, their ability to contain their opponents on defense and keep the ball away from the center of the field. Maintaining focus on these goals allowed morale to stay high and the girls to play hard to the end of the game.

Each game the coaches pick two players that were “leaders of the pack”. Smith stepped up her game and bolstered a near 35 saves on the day and with a hurt ankle was punting the ball up past the half-line giving the wolfpack to play offence. Her leadership and inspiration to her teammates on the field earned her “leader of the pack” for the game. The other “leader of the pack” was Eileen Hoffman ‘12 who was near flawless in her first ever high school soccer match. She played aggressive and did not let a single Pomfret player beat her down the wing and turn in on the goal. Kudos goes out to her for her valiant effort on defense in her first ever game!

Please join us back down the road in Pomfret this Friday for our match vs. The Rectory another great defensive challenge will be ahead for the JV Girls “Pack”