Hyde Cross Country: Week in Review (week of 10/18)

Boys and Girls Varsity Cross Country – Week in Review

Week of October 18, 2010

The Cross Country program had yet another rigorous week of practices and an exciting meet this past Saturday at Kents Hill.  The week consisted of a Stonehouse (4.5 mi) base run on Monday, 800-meter track intervals x 8 for speed training, weight lifting circuits and gym conditioning, and a MAISAD meet at the end of the week.  Senior captains John Garvey and Lily Smith continued to guide and mentor their teammates during a week of challenging practices, supporting their coaches in the mission to instill focus and competitiveness in each runner.  While our Kents Hill meet was exemplary of high effort from most runners, it was also a time when compromised mental toughness and lack of focus caused us some slower times and slipped placements.  This week we look to our seniors for continued mentorship and toughness as we approach our New Englands meet in only a few weeks!

Athletes of the week are Isaac Preston (’13) and Jessie Zhao (’11) for their impressive work ethics, admirable workout and competition times, and leadership attitudes.  Isaac led the pack this past week, moving from 2nd in most events to 1st finisher on the team.  Jessie Zhao, who had sat out due to a hip injury all week, showed strength, courage and tenacity in her Saturday meet with an impressive finish, sprinting past competitors toward the finish at Kents Hill.

Meet results for Saturday’s meet at Kents Hill:


1)      Elan – 28, 2) Gould – 68, 3) Hyde – 76, 4) Kents Hill – 80, 5) Hebron Academy – 122

       1) Gould – 39, 2) Seacoast – 42, 3) Kents Hill – 70, 4) Hebron Academy – 87, 5) Hyde – 103

Boys Times:

Isaac Preston – 21:08
Jamie McCracken – 21:51
John Garvey – 22:32
Richard Stites – 22:52
Matt Landry – 22:54

Jacob Leighton – 23:59
Nick Hatch – 26:02
Elan Livnat – 29:25

Cody Gullicksen – 33:21

Girls Times:

Emeline Ferguson – 28:22

Jessie Zhao – 30:11
Carrie Basch – 31:16
Lily Smith – 32:00
Kayla Derby – 32:40