Wolfpack GVS Battles Bath to 3-1 Win

October 16, 2010

At Hyde School – Bath, ME

Hyde School, Woodstock – 3

Hyde School, Bath – 1

On a blustery New England afternoon, the Hyde Girls Varsity Soccer Team of Woodstock, CT took on its sister school in Bath, ME.  The WolfPack of Woodstock defeated the Phoenix of Bath for the first time in six years to become the 2010 victors of the Hyde-Hyde showdown.

After a long bus ride and late change to the game time, the WolfPack was slow to start, as evidenced in the limited possession and shots on goal earned by Hyde-CT.  While most of the play was contained to the middle third of the field with neither team generating much offense, the Phoenix did maintain the bulk of possession throughout the first half.  Nonetheless, the hard work and resilience ever present in the WolfPack paid dividends when Gillian Weintraub ‘12 was able to send a nice through ball into the seam of the Phoenix defense to Hope Eldridge ‘11, who was headed into a one on one with the Hyde-ME goalie.  Before Eldridge was able to take on the goalie, however, she was taken down in the 18-yard box, earning a penalty kick for the team.  With 24:23 left in the first half, standout Rianna Arellano ’12 drilled the penalty kick into the lower left corner of the goal to capitalize on the opportunity and give the WolfPack the lead on the scoreboard.  As the first half ran out, much of the same play continued with Hyde-ME controlling the flow, but Hyde-CT keeping all offensive threats contained outside the 18 yard line.  Though outshot 7-3 in the first half, the WolfPack maintained the lead and knew the second half would need to look much different.

The WolfPack came out much more organized and determined in the second half.  With this, the Hyde-CT team was able to control the pace of the game, possess the ball very well, and generate nail biting offensive threats.  With Arellano in support, Bryn Nolan ’12 grazed the crossbar and goal posts again and again, giving the WolfPack great momentum.  However, such determination was relaxed momentarily, giving a chance for the Phoenix to capitalize.  With an missed clear and chaotic mob in front of the WolfPack goal, a Hyde-ME player was able to tap the ball into the net; an anomalous error for the outstanding WolfPack defense.  This setback only raised the intensity of the WolfPack, who rarely let the Phoenix into any offensive positions for the remainder of the game.  Becca Katz ’12 again led the Hyde-CT defense with her composure, timing, and control, which could not be done without the great team work of Camryn Bindra ’13 and Caitlin Colley ’11.  The tenacious play paid off when the WolfPack was awarded a free kick about 25 yards out from the goal, which Arellano nailed into the top left corner of the goal, reclaiming the lead for Hyde-CT with 8:52 remaining in the game.  Just two minutes later, Nolan sent a beautiful corner kick in for the WolfPack, which Mari Barnett ’11 collected and slid to Arellano who gave the WolfPack an insurance goal, as well as rounding out her hat trick and the scoring for the day.  The WolfPack were poised and controlled as the remaining six minutes ticked off the clock, earning a great win for the season with great play from all, including goalie Lara Cornelius ‘11 who picked up 14 saves.

Improving to 4-5 for the season, the WolfPack looks to even its record this Wednesday, October 20, at Rocky Hill School in East Greenwich, RI.