BVS Bested in Woodstock-Bath Matchup

October 16, 2010

Hyde School, Woodstock – 2

Hyde School, Bath – 3

On this blustery fall day the Phoenix and the Wolfpack met in Maine to test the bond of one school, two campuses.  Facing off on Bath’s new turf field, the match-up appeared even in the opening forays.  Both teams fought well for the ball and were quick on the attack.  In Hyde’s central midfield, senior Matan Peltier and junior Dan Weintraub controlled the middle and worked with forwards Jae Kang Lee ’14 and Nate Chesley ’12 to attack Bath’s goalie, Alec Randall.  A number of close shots gave the Wolfpack confidence.  Unfortunately these shots rebounded off of the post or were saved by Randall.  Bath’s attack on transition was difficult to stop as Phoenix players Wes and Tyrone Freston produced lethal give-and-goes.  With three minutes left to go, capitalizing off a miss-hit from a Woodstock player, Tyrone received a through ball to go one-on-one against Wolfpack goalie Brian Sanz ’11.  Although well positioned, Sanz was unable to prevent Bath’s first goal.  Deflated by this change of momentum, the Wolfpack was caught on their heels as the Phoenix returned again only a minute later to go to goal.  Bath forward Juno Ra collected the ball and again going one-on-one against Sanz, bested him.

The second half opened with the Wolfpack focused and looking for a goal.  This was matched equally by Bath’s desire to hold the lead.  Fifteen minutes in Peltier received the ball from Chesley to go one-on-one against Bath’s Randall and was finally able to place the ball on net, putting the Pack back in the game (2-1).  Ten minutes later Bath’s counterattack earned them a direct kick thirty-five yards out.  Fired by Bath’s Tyrone Freston, this rocket shot past defenders and Sanz to put the win that much more out of Woodstock’s reach.  The Wolfpack refused to quit however and had a few more opportunities to close the gap.  With three minutes remaining, Peltier again collected the ball and worked it to the left corner, down the end line to shoot on goal.  Deflected by Randall, forward Lee trapped and struck the ball on net to bring the score to 3-2.  With only a couple minutes remaining, the Wolfpack could not score again to tie it up.  Both teams played with heart and the Wolfpack looks ahead to the 2012 season for the opportunity to avenge this loss.

Hyde Woodstock plays local rival Pomfret School this coming Wednesday at home in what is likely to be a very challenging match.

Look for updated photos on the web in a day or two!