Woodstock Stars of the Week, September 30, 2010

Stephen Gong joined the boys junior varsity soccer team this week. Without having a single practice or competitive game under his belt, he was substituted into the left midfield.  He worriedly told his coach, “But I don’t know how to kick a cross with my left foot!”  To which his coach replied, “That’s okay. Just charge down the left sideline, cut back hard and send the ball in with your right foot.”  Less than thirty seconds later, Stephen executes the move on the pitch.  Using hustle and taking risks, he would soon break free on the left wing and place his first shot past a diving goalkeeper. For a great learning attitude, Stephen Gong is a star of the week.

I just want to say that Jabon Chubbuck has been very helpful in the Bookstore area.  If he is around, he will remind students that only 3 at a time should be in there, or that food and drinks are not allowed.   Also, if someone has opened a package and left debris on the floor, he will pick it up and throw it away.  Having been short-handed, I really appreciate him keeping an eye out.

Stanleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Yao! He volunteered to do pots and pans when he wasn’t on my crew team!
He’s the man, that’s all I can really say! Star of the week!

All the kids and faculty who helped volunteer this past weekend at the Celebrating Agriculture event at the Woodstock Fairgrounds are true Stars of the Week. These individuals graciously donated time and physical labor to helping make the event a success. The organizers of Celebrating Agriculture appreciate your hard work and volunteerism immensely, and so do I. Thank you for giving back and helping to build a sense of community and partnership between our school and the surrounding area. The people who helped:

Addison Wheat
Lincoln Sherman
Colin Fredericks
Ropes Team
Ms. P-Y
Mr. Duethorn
JV Soccer Team
Mari Barnett
Adam Carreau
Zack Giudice
Ms. Forgue’s F period class