JVFB Can’t Slay the Dragons

Wednesday, 10/13/10

St. George’s- 40

Hyde Woodstock- 0

Newport, RI- Another beautiful day for football out by the coast, the Wolfpack traveled east this time to meet the Dragons in their lair.  After a rough 1st half, the Wolfpack held the Dragons to only 8 points in the 2nd, and the offense began to click. We found a deeper level of composure as a team and minimized penalties called upon us.  The mental mistakes and unproductive expressions of frustration put us in a funk from which it took a while to escape. Danny Gill ’12 and Max Pruzinsky ’12 joined John White ’14 and graciously stepped down from Varsity to help us out where ever needed. Their impact on the team was palpable, regardless of the numbers on the board.

As a highlight on the day, Peter Markham ’13 had one run for 32 yards behind key blocks on the line (Lincoln Sherman ’11,Jackson Bender ’13John White ’14Julian Goldenberg ’13Jihu ‘Walter’ Kim ’12Danny Gill ’12 and Aaron Miller ’12)and new fullback Chris Hershberg ’13.

The Defense helped us see our own strengths as well as some key areas of concern. The second half performance by the Defense kept us hopeful and team captain Ben Errera ’12 played with a quiet fire that rejuvenated all of us. Defensive tackle John White ’14 was a vocal pillar of strong, centered play and made sure that the Dragons knew that no quarter could be found up the middle.

Next week we face the Loomis-Chaffee Pelicans for a rematch at home during our Fall Family Weekend on Thursday and look forward to regaining a team vision and unifying for that game.

Coach Radar, Ian Matthew Harrington