Hyde Weekly – 10/9 – 10/15


College Essay Day
While the sophomores and juniors took the PSAT on Wednesday morning, the seniors worked to refine their college application essays.  From Beverly Coleman, Head of College Placement:

Working in small groups of peers and faculty, seniors had the opportunity to further revise the drafts they created in the first unit of Senior English or develop an entirely new essay.  “Could I do it in the form of a soliloquy?” asked Patrick Serra—who then went on to produce a creative, unique approach to the application essay.  “I listened to what Ms. Coleman said and realized my first essay was more about football than it was about me,” said Michael Perez, whose second attempt is beginning to reveal the depth of his character beyond athletic accomplishments.  “This day gave me a chance to write a completely new essay that I love,” shared Lily SmithEmily Rose summed up the feelings of many in the class, “I wish we had an entire day like this—not just a morning.”  Faculty, too, were inspired by the seniors’ stories and their excitement for the writing process.

Alumni Visitors
Columbus Day means a long weekend for many college students.   Dexter Jenks ’10 and Robin Platte ’10, both in their first year at the College of Charleston, used their long weekend to visit campus.  They each shared one thing that they are learning about college life with the students during the community meeting:

  • Lesson #1:  Work hard now so that the “step up” to college work is less drastic.

Dexter shared that his busy senior year in high school is making his freshmen year in college manageable.

  • Lesson #2:  Be careful in choosing your college; talk to a lot of people- friends, family, teachers.

Robin shared that her college feels different now that it is in-session compared to how it felt when she toured it last year during a vacation.

As usual, the Hyde students were all ears as they were able to get some insight into their future lives in college.

Family Weekend Prep
We have spent a little extra time putting together a couple of performing arts numbers for the weekend, along with the usual class prep, midterm grades and athletic practices.  Some students and parents got an early start on the weekend by participating in an intensive FLC from Monday to Wednesday.  There is both nervousness and excitement for the parents to arrive, which is probably about the same for the parents too!

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Korean Night
This past Sunday we had the opportunity to enjoy some home cooked Korean food in honor of the Korean Autumn Harvest Holiday.  Hyesong Back ’12 was the lead chef and cooked for at least four hours, preparing a feast for over 15 people.  It was truly a collaborative operation as students from all backgrounds came by to help, including Shannon Ludeke ’12, Jae Kang Lee ’14, faculty member Mark Deuthorn, and Joseph Su ’12Kun-Il Kim ’12 also assisted in the preparation and was the key student leader who organized the event.  The display of food was vast.  Kim Chi, Job Chai, Sea Weed, Sticky Rice, Korean Beef Barbeque, and San Juck satisfied the appetites of students and faculty who have been anticipating this event for weeks.  Kun-Il commented, “None of the food tasted like the actual Korean food that we usually eat at home but somehow, people liked it and appreciated it; for that I am thankful.”  Faculty member Charles Fraser provided transportation to a nearby Asian market to buy the food, Colleen Warnick lent her kitchen for preparation and cooking and Laura Gauld hosted the festive event at her home.

Women and Men
This week, the school meeting started out with male and female meetings to discuss leadership, respect and student mentoring. The young men talked about the following:

  • State of the male community and how we are respecting our campus and each other;
  • Stereotypes of being a man, characteristics of being a gentleman;
  • How do we respond to peer authority?

Dean Folan said, “I am encouraged by the tone and maturity of the meeting.”

The women talked about expectations and wrote them out on index cards. Examples include:

Expectations from society – “I have to do it all, have a career, raise my children, and take care of the home.”

Expectations from mother – “You do not need a man to be fulfilled.”  “You can do whatever you set your mind to.”

Expectations from males in your life – “Be yourself and look natural.”

Positive and negative messages you give yourself -“I am not good enough.” “I have confidence in myself and let go of the judgments of others.”

Pam Bertschy commented, “We have a strong group of females and I am excited about what we can all accomplish.”

“No Tech Tuesday” Hits the Road
While the community is assessing the lessons learned from our month long experiment of forgoing technology for each Tuesday of September, a group of students went with the Head of School to speak to the journalism students at Quabbin Regional High School in Barre, MA. The Woodstock students who led the panel discussion were seniors Hope Eldridge ’11, Rudwan Bakhsh ’11, Caityn Colley ’11 and Kun-Il Kim ’12. Some of the issues that were raised and discussed were:

  • What did we learn by letting go of technology in the classroom?
  • How do Hyde students handle not having regular use of cell phones?
  • Is there a difference in the way adults and students handle technology?
  • What is everyone’s responsibility with internet bullying?

The discussion was lively and the Hyde students were effective public speaker.  They drew out great responses and probing questions from the class. At one point, one of the students from Quabbin blurted out, “Are you guys in high school? I thought you were college kids!” It was a day to be proud of Hyde and the confidence that these students exhibited.

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