Wolfpack JV Boys Soccer vs. STM

MJVS vs. St. Thomas Moore

October 7, 2010

Hyde- 0

St. Thomas Moore- 4

The sun finally came out on Thursday for our second game against St. Thomas Moore, this time on our home field.  Having previously tied their team we were excited for a second chance to improve our play.  The JV men began the game playing good, aggressive offense, but struggled to pull together and play our best.  We kept the game at a stalemate until the 22nd minute of play, at which point STM scored on a breakaway.  Though our defensive line has shown continual improvement in previous games, communicating well and beginning to man-mark the opposing offense, this game saw a lot of errors in defense.  Time after time the STM players slipped past the last defenseman and were able to shoot on goal.  STM scored once again with a minute remaining in the first half with a soft shot tapped into the corner of the goal.

They second half of the game saw little improvement on the part of the Hyde players.  STM scored twice more in the 47th and 53rd minutes of play.  Our midfield and defensive lines, both forced back into the defensive half of the field, did not show courage in attacking the ball and stopping the offensive players.  Plays and strategies that we had performed well in practice went poorly and scant attention was paid to advice shouted from the coaches.

Despite a discouraging loss, a few players stood out for outstanding individual work.  Sam Zhao ’12 has improved his defensive play in every game.  Rarely away from his mark, he was able to stop STM from scoring in his zone.  When our goalie stepped out to get involved in a play, Zhao instinctually fell back to cover his position.  Joe Su ’12 and Jake Abelman ’13 had both improved their communication and ball placement, successfully completing “give and go” plays in an effort to successfully meet the back of the net.  Jun Guo ’14 was tireless in his play, working himself into defensive and offensive plays and racing toward the STM goal in case their goalie fumbled.

Though we did not do our best work as a team during this game, we continue to improve as individuals during practice and hope to pull together to beat Valley View this Saturday.