Hyde Weekly – 10/2 – 10/8


Honor Guard
Every few weeks, students and teachers do an Honors and Warnings assessment for each student in each class.  “Honors and Warnings” is primarily a reflection of the student’s effort level (participation, preparedness, punctuality) and attitude (working with classmates, asking for help, offering help) in class as well as their academic achievement.  For the first Honors and Warnings period, the following students earned the distinction of being named to the Honor Guard for receiving 4 or more honors and no warnings:  Nathaniel Abernethy ’11; James Allen ’12; Craig Bartlett ’12; Aneth Batamuliza ’11; Theodore Cercos ’11; Yan (Rita) Chen ’12; Rachel de Molina ’11; Brian Edwards ’14; Wylie Fresne ’12; Barry Gao ’11; Yuan (Herman) Gao ’12; John Garvey ’11; Gregory Georgaklis ’12; Nicholas Hatch ’13; Wonseo Huh ’11; Zhihong (Elvis) Leng ’12; Wilson MacMillan ’14; Jane Miller ’11; Kyung Joon (KJ) Oh ’11; Emily Rose ’11; Lily Smith ’11; Ou (Austin)Wang ’13; Mengzhiyi Zhang ’12; Wei Jie (Jessie) Zhao ’11.

Know Yourself/Be Yourself Workshop
The Hyde-Bath campus played host for two days this week to St. John’s, a local parochial school.  Hyde students introduced the 6th, 7th and 8th graders and their teachers to our character curriculum.  The objectives of the workshops were to teach and practice three objectives:

  • We are all unique and we all want to be somebody.
  • It takes courage to be ourselves.
  • We need the help of others to see and know who we truly are.

It was a great success for all involved.  At the end of the last day, the St. John’s students were asked what they had learned.  Some responses:

“… my being quiet was really a cover-up for who I really am and that we all have courage, we just have to use it.”

“…it’s not as hard as I thought to tell others what I’m feeling.”

“…that I can be a leader; I just need to believe that I can.”

A big thanks goes to the Hyde seniors who facilitated the workshop:  Gabby Harvie, Tyrone Freston, KJ Oh, Jane Miller, Nat Abernethy, Rachel de Molina, Jacob Leighton, Emeline Ferguson, Emily Rose, John Garvey, Ted Cercos, Wonseo Huh, Kayla Sheldon, and Alex Biedermann.

Men’s Soccer
Wednesday was a cold, rainy day as the men’s varsity soccer team took the field against Hebron Academy.  At the end of a hard fought game, the Hyde Phoenix was on the losing end of a 4-2 score.  As a fan, I could not have been prouder of the team if they had won the game, but I have come to expect that from this group.  They play extremely hard, they have no quit in them and they get the most from the talent they have.  Many of these players were either marginal varsity players last year or JV players who have decided to “up it a notch” this year.  Of special note is the much improved effort and play this year from Brendan Trometer ’11, Alex Armstead ’11, Alex Beidermann ’11 and Alex Hays ’11. The team has also seen great play from newcomers to the team Jamal Frazer-Borden ’13, Nabil Eshraghian ’13 and Alex Randall ’12.

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Learning Curve

This week, we clocked four weeks in classes and everyone is settling into the change to the six class rotation. With the extra period, students are able to take an elective, sample the fantastic art department or have extra time in a daytime study hall for AP students. While there are some faculty members and students who are feeling overwhelmed, the general consensus is excitement about the possibilities. Teachers shared some current assignments:

  • Honors Chemistry is doing a chemical identification lab. It’s a three-day extravaganza in which students have nine unknown chemicals and must identify them by comparing them with known samples. It’s a really tough lab, but also very rewarding, partly because it’s the sort of thing that real chemists do.
  • AP Environmental class did a lab where the students looked at the dynamics of populations by examining a cemetery in Putnam. We looked at grave stones from pre-1900 and post-1900.
  • English 11 is four weeks into their creative writing block that takes place every Friday.  So far, the students have written a limited perspective piece covering a well-known place through the ignorant eyes of a visiting alien.  They have written their own ekphrastic poem or prose by dramatizing Pieter Brueghel’s painting Big Fish, Little Fish. The students have rewritten the ending as they see fit to Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Wife’s Story. And lastly, they have taken a cue from Miller William’s poem “The Curator” and described an important object in their life down to every last detail, including the emotion and memory connected with it.  This has allowed the students to tap into their own creativity and learn various tools to inspire their writings in the future.

Welcome to Hyde

For the first half of the week, the Hyde-Woodstock community hosted a team of nine educators from various New England boarding and day schools.  Their visit was the culmination of over a year’s worth of self-reflection and discussion framed around fourteen standards of accreditation by the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC).   This process has been extremely fruitful for our community and institution as we reviewed our mission, our programs, our practices and more.  The report produced earlier this August speaks to the vision for Hyde’s future in recognizing the areas where we excel and in identifying steps for improvement and growth.  The support and cooperation of students, parents, faculty and staff helped to make this process and the recent visit successful.

If I was the King of the Forest
The school explored the concept of courage this week. In the Monday morning meeting, discovery groups shared their definition of courage. Auditions by Bryn Nolan ’12 and faculty member Wes Jenkins brought rousing applause. At the sit-down lunch, faculty member Pam Bertschy asked the school to think about a step of courage that each person needed to take. Some of the comments shared included:

I need to decide if I want to connect to my father and have him in my life.”

“I need to find the courage to participate more in classes.”

“I am homesick right now and need the courage to stick with this.”

Later in the school meeting, the school journaled on the following: The courage to be myself, intellectual courage, physical courage and courage with my family. All-in-all, we clocked a lot of time to explore this important principle. As founder Joey Gauld told the students, “This was the first word that I came up with as it fuels all the others and is the foundation of our character.”

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