XC Week in Review

This past week, Hyde runners had one of their most challenging series of strength and endurance training yet.  Complete with hill sprints, long base runs (4.5-8+miles), interval work outs and a Saturday meet, both the mens and womens teams demonstrated courage and tenacity with their “no pain/no gain” attitudes.  We were missing several members of the girls team this past week due to Deans Area activity, but hope to have our full team back soon so that we may continue toward our best together.

Saturday’s meet was at Fryeburg Academy, where we competed against Grey/New Gloucester, Lake Region, and Fryeburg Academy.  All three were much larger, stronger athletic teams with which to contend, but needless to say, we held our own and all runners performed beautifully, most of whom set new personal records for the season on the fast, flat course.  Competing against these public school teams gave us a glimpse of what we have to look forward to come New Englands later in the fall.

The Hyde mens team scored 4th place with 89 points to Grey/New Gloucester (1st with 40 points), Fryeburg Academy (2nd with 47 points), and Lake Region (3rd with 49 points).  The impressive times for the 3 mile course are as follows:

John Garvey ’11 – 20:01

Isaac Preston ’13 – 20:13

Jamie McCracken ’12 – 20:34

Richard Stites ’11 – 21:55

Nick Hatch ’13 – 24:06

Elan Livnat ’14 – 25:15

KJ Oh ’11 – 25:16

Cody Gullicksen ’11 – 26:32

The womens team was non-scoring against Grey/New Gloucester (1st with 30 points), Lake Region (2nd with 43 points), and Fryeburg Academy (3rd with 54 points).  Only three female runners participated (all seniors), Emeline Ferguson ’11 (26:30), Lily Smith ’11 (26:48), and Jessie Zhao ’11 (28:17) but each ran their personal best of the season.

Aaron Deigh ’11, continues to be injured but has risen as a leader on the team, serving as timekeeper and record keeper.  Runners Jacob Leighton ’11 and Kayla Derby ’11 were unable to run due to illness, but came along to support their teammates.