Hyde Hosts First Home Meet against Woodstock and Worcester

Saturday, October 2

Girls: Hyde – 125             Woodstock – 28 (W)                       Worcester – 28

Boys: Hyde – 56                Worcester – 15 (W)       

If you have ever ventured into the woods behind facilities and walked Hyde’s cross country trail, you have probably reached the trail’s steepest, rockiest incline—labeled affectionately by Coach Welch as “Truth over Harmony Hill”—and thought, “Man, this is tough. I’m glad I don’t have to run up this hill…”  Unfortunately for the Girls’ and Boys’ XC teams, two loops of the trail are necessary to complete the full 3.1 miles of a 5k—which means two arduous, high-speed climbs up a serpentine maze of rocks, leaves, roots, and tree limbs.  Sounds fun, right?

This Saturday, Hyde had the distinct pleasure of sharing this hill and the rest of the school’s cross country course at their first home meet against Woodstock Academy and Worcester Academy.  Luckily, the weather finally cooperated after a week of heavy rain and strong winds.  Various faculty and students graciously helped to set up the day and worked as timers and course monitors.  As the Wolf Pack runners took their places on the bright pink starting line near Warren Hall, their faces showed nervousness, but mostly excitement and determination as they prepared for the long run ahead.

In the girls’ race, standouts included Laura Leonard ’11, who set the Hyde girls’ record for the course of 26:03, and Lori Allen ’11, who kept a solid pace despite problems with her ankle.  Freshman Gabby Bergeron ’14 showed great team spirit and helped to keep the morale of the team high.

In the boys’ race, sophomore Matt Wysocki ’13 came in eighth place and set the Hyde course record of 22:34, and Zach Cerame ’12and Addison Wheat ’11 finished close behind him in tenth and eleventh place, respectively.  In addition, senior Ming Xiao ’11 set a new PR with a time of 25:57.

Although the Hyde boys’ and girls’ teams ultimately could not match their opponents’ speed, a welcoming table of cookies, fruit, and juice helped bring everyone together at the finish line.  The day went off without a hitch.  And as for the daunting “Truth over Harmony Hill,” there exists at least one admirer.  After completing his team’s preliminary walk through the trail, one visiting student exclaimed, “Your course is awesome!”

We think so too.

Hyde XC looks forward to its next meet against Chesire Academy this Saturday, October 9.   Wish us luck!