XC Week in Review

September 20 – 26

This past week, both the mens and womens cross country teams showed great strength, growth, and improvement as compared to previous weeks.  Each team participated in their first meet of the season against North Haven, Elan, Hebron, Seacoast, and Kents Hill on Saturday 9/25.  (Note: North Haven is not mentioned in the below scores because they send only one runner per each race.)

The Hyde mens team, captained by John Garvey ’11, had an impressive win over Hebron (92 points), Seacoast (72 points) and Kents Hill (99 points), scoring 71 points, coming in only second to Elan (21 points).  While top runner Captain Garvey experienced an adverse reaction to the atypical September heat and was consequently unable to finish, fellow teammates Isaac Preston ’13, Jamie McCracken ’12, and Richard Stites ’11 took places first, second and third for the team, representing Hyde in the first 14 finishes.  Jacob Leighton ’11, Matt Landry ’12, Nick Hatch ’13, Cody Gullicksen ’11, KJ Oh ’11, all finished in under 29 minutes– impressive on the whole, but leaving room for improvements to come.  Runners Elan Livnat ’14, and Aaron Deigh ’11 were both helping coaches Mercer and Redstone on the front lawn as we hosted our first home meet of the season.  Both Livnat and Deigh were impressively helpful and responsible in assisting in the logistics of organizing six teams on our home field.

As for the women, they too demonstrated equally impressive endurance, team commitment, and work ethic.  Taking a close but victorious win over Hebron (66 points), the women scored 65 points, third to Seacoast (28 points) and Kents Hill (55 points).  Each young woman ran her entire race with pride, not stopping once to walk or stretch, which is in and of itself an accomplishment for this group of athletes.  This meet represented growth in self-confidence, rigor and dedication to one’s best in ways that previous practices and last week’s 5K have been so far unable to do.  Lily Smith ’11 came in first amongst the Hyde runners, followed soon thereafter by Emeline Ferguson ’11, Emma Falkinburg ’13, Jessie Zhao ’11, Carrie Basch ’14, and Kayla Derby ’11.  Victoria Cowman ’14 was struggling with an attitude on Saturday, and was not with her team during the race.  Collectively, we hope to work with her and inspire her to continue going after her best upon rejoining the team– she has made marked improvements in her running and shows great potential as a runner for the womens team!

The first part of this week’s practices consisted of rigorous hill sprints and interval workouts.  The runners are sore, but are appreciative of their aching muscles and developing endurance and cardio strength!


Coaches James Redstone and Casey Mercer